Following the rabbit hole…

Continued from yesterday's post, I followed my dreams instructions and did a journaling page about me and my dreams being in the toxic and collapsing dominant culture.

I drew a bubble to represent me in my dream bubble.

Chimneys putting out smoke and trees on fire to represent the world.

Wrote out things that are in my dream bubble: healing + creative practices, feeling creative + inspired, trusting myself + appreciating life, growth + expansion. Respect + space for all feelings. Worthiness.

As I was doing this I was listing what is in the world and quickly saw the opposites.

Climate collapse. Driven by consumerism, greed + unhappiness. Lack of regard for most vulnerable. Refusal to see + destroy systems of oppression. Competing for worthiness.

Then this new bubble appears, a much larger bubble that I can move into through my dream bubble. This is a doorway to a new world/culture. (Feels like A doorway, not THE ONLY doorway)

It’s like - as we heal and change we create new culture.

And then I felt despair.

But we don’t have time to do this.

But this is my life, like how do I want to live it? I can do this in my own small way in my own life.

What are my other options?

(Meant sarcastically, but then I listed them)

Pretend this (climate change, racism and all forms of systemic injustice, etc) isn’t happening.

Spiritual bypass

And then:

Guess what??? You can’t save the world that’s individualism which is another aspect of dominant culture.

That’s where I stopped.

But now that I have typed that our and reflected on it…

This puts me back into the big bubble. Community. Remembering I am not the only one doing this and this is not the only way through. There are other different bubbles. They can link up at some point.

I mean, we work for change or we accept what is and to me, the state of the world is unacceptable.

Where do my dreams fit?

My dreams right now, as I am re-defining them, aren’t about any kind of external things.

It’s about how I want to feel in my life. It’s about really showing up for creative and healing practices, being in the process of always becoming more ME and living in that space and dreaming in community.

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