Meeting my dreams while the world falls apart

I’m doing the Dream lab meditation and, sitting there in the field of creative dream alchemy, I just want to cry.

In real life (not the meditation) I’m in my favourite spot in the park and there is so much smoke in the air (from the fires in northern Canada) and so many wasps flying all around I’m probably going to go inside, as much as I want to be outside. It’s hard to not be acutely aware that we’re IN climate collapse. 

I ride my bike on paths along the river so I don’t see the city that much but when I go into downtown there are more signs of collapse - more unhoused people than I’ve ever seen here, like by a huge percentage, businesses shut down, most office buildings have big “for lease” signs on them. Violent crime is the highest it’s ever been.

This is the world I am dreaming in.

This is the world my dreams need to be rooted in.

I’m just sitting with this, while a wasp tries to land on my hand.

So, this is interesting it’s never happened this way for me before, in my meditation in the field of creative dream alchemy I am crying. But here in the park, I am not. 

Tears are flowing and becoming a river that sparkles with iridescent light.

I wish I could be one of those new age people who can just meditate and be in the light and believe that they are healing the world and they don’t have to be in the mess of anything, they get to stay safe in their total lack of awareness of how hard they’re leaning into white privilege to sit there and feel good while the world falls apart.

I mean I don’t. But I do. You know?

My tears are becoming a river. There’s a boat made out of old tree branches woven together and I get in.

Slowly the landscape starts to change. Cities are burning. Toxic fumes. Over consumption. People living out of tune.

I’m just sailing by knowing that this is all falling apart because it was never sustainable, and we’ll build something better in its place. It won’t be perfect but we can learn from some of our mistakes to do better, and keep building on that.

I get to a place where I’m supposed to leave my boat. 

There are art supplies, though the art supplies we use are mostly unsustainable so these look like different art supplies, like Beam paints.

I sit down, panic rising in my chest, wishing for a solution, which I mis-spelled as soulution. 

There is nothing I, myself, can do - but together we can do everything.

For every problem the world is facing right now there are people who have been working for the solution for some time. People with good research and information and skills. We can support them.

But back to my dream meeting.

My dream is here now, just like a voice in the clouds.

It says: Andrea! You are dreaming in this broken world. Your dreams are not of this world though. You need to understand the boundaries and differences… do some journaling about this and see where it takes you.

To be continued...

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