Giving my dream space to incubate

This week I am drawing my Dream Meetings. I feel really excited about this new practice - I mean not a new practice, but a new commitment to do in this way, by drawing it out.

And I'm sharing them here to invite you to do this too - if you're in Dream Book use the Dream Lab, if not just sit with your dream for 5-10 minutes as a daily practice just to see where it leads.

I don't know where this is going for me, but I feel excited to keep taking little steps with this to see where it leads.

My dream is this thing deep inside of me that is changing.

It feels like the external complements of the dream I had been working with are fading away, and this new energy is there and I don't know what it all means right now but it feels really good to give it space.

I was thinking about how when we are more externally guided, like most people, there is always a next goal, always a thing to be looking towards.

But when you listen to your inner wisdom for guidance for how to move through life, there will be times of no answers, no goals. Times of rest and renewal and letting things incubate and grow.

I am doing a lot right now in terms of other work, re-building systems and structure, I am doing and creating, making space for this dream work practice of being with an incubating dream feels so healing.

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