How do I stay slowed down AND get projects done?

We are doing the 30 day journaling + meditation invitation for the month of August. An explanation of this project is here. I'll be posting an update here every day (M-F) for the month of August and I'm also doing short videos on Instagram to share things I am learning along the way.\

One of the big questions I’ve had this month is:

How do I stay slowed down AND get projects done?

I was thinking specifically about my current project: the Year of Dreams 2023 planner.

Really it’s also about all of my future projects.

But of course the Year of Dreams is what I am working on now.

And here’s the answer: tiny steps.

Which seems so obvious it’s almost insulting.

And yet? It’s also genius.

Small steps is the way that I’ve gotten everything done anyway. But there’s something different coming up in these explorations over this last month. It’s not all about how fast I move on the surface. There are ideas around slowing down my expectations of myself, slowing down emotional reactivity, etc.

Slowing down in more dimensions, in more ways.

One of our Dream Book members did the "slow the fuck down" meditation every day, and actually SPEEDED UP PROGRESS on her creative dream in the outer work, while FEELING slowed down inside.

In terms of my work with the Year of Dreams, this also shows up as SIMPLIFY.

I had shared earlier that I was also working on a new year journalling kit. I wanted to put them out at the same time for people who want them together.

But the new your journalling kit is a completely different project. Completely different energy. Completely different creative process.

Trying to put that together with the Year of Dreams is STRESSFUL.

Giving them each space to be their own thing is EXPANSIVE.

And the thing is, the new year journaling kit is not even delayed right now because I’m working slowly. Progress is delayed right now because I’m not sure what else it needs. It doesn’t feel complete.

When I sit with that, the answer feels obvious. Finish one thing. Then do the next.

The new your journalling kit has lots in it already. Who knows? Maybe I can finish it in a day. Or maybe it will take a month. I’m at the part where I’m not really in charge of that because it still needs to show me what it needs.

And letting the pressure of that go, and slowing down my own expectations around what I’m doing, and just taking little tiny steps here and there with the Year of Dreams, I’ve actually finished the whole thing.

And I feel like that question I was asking: how do I stay slow down and also get this project done? the answer is coming to me less in some kind of clear written answer and more in a new feeling, a new relationship with productivity and my creative projects.

This still feels very much in process.

I’m loving it.

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2023 planner: make more space for your dreams in your life

How do I stay slowed down AND get projects done?

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