How Drawing Mandalas Helps You Be More Intuitive

It’s Mandala Week on my blog!? Every day this week I’m posting about the magic of Mandalas, in celebration of The Mandala Class, which starts next Monday, September 15.

how drawing mandalas helps you be more intuitive

Drawing mandalas helps you be more intuitive in two ways: they make it easier to access intuitive wisdom in the moment and they help with developing and deepening your intuitive gifts over time.

Intuition is simply being able to access inner wisdom. It’s something everyone can do.

Wisdom is a soul quality. Each of us has equal and infinite access to soul qualities.

Though just because everyone has access, does not mean everyone is connected to their inner wisdom.? The beliefs you live from, your habits and practices and your level of consciousness is going to determine how blocked or open the channel is.

The more you get in touch with your self and your soul, the more intuitive you’re going to be because you’ll be living closer to your inner wisdom.

Your intuition is not a crystal ball.

For example, you usually can’t use it to divine winning lottery numbers.

Remember that listening to your intuition is about connecting to the soul quality of wisdom.? Infinite wisdom is wise!? Wiser than we usually are.

Infinite wisdom sees the bigger picture, we tend to see the smaller picture.

We see how we really do NEED to win the lottery in order to make our dream real because how the hell else are you going to make this happen?

Infinite wisdom sees how the journey to the dream is where you develop the qualities you need to live the dream.? Infinite wisdom sees that the lottery is a shortcut, and shortchanges you on growing in the ways your dream is calling on you to grow.

Infinite wisdom sees that winning the lottery isn’t going to make you as happy as you think it will.

Infinite wisdom always has your best interests at heart.

Infinite wisdom loves you.

So of course, if winning the lottery is actually the right path for you of course your intuition will nudge you to buy a ticket and supply you with the right numbers.

Soul qualities are connected.

So your infinite wisdom is coming out of a well of infinite love, infinite joy, infinite creativity, infinite possibility, infinite peace.

Intuitive development is about connecting with the part of you who is connected.

When you learn how to do this it changes everything. It means you can make decisions from a larger part of you, which means you get to live from a larger part of you. You have access to more power, creativity, love, joy and inspiration,

This is not a small thing.

I took classes in intuitive development for years before I was able to reliably use my intuition to navigate through life.? Though I don’t think it necessarily has to take years.

Ultimately, creative people are going to be able to connect to their intuitive voice most effectively through their creativity.

This is something I wished I had known sooner – it’s a bit of a shortcut.

Creating Mandalas as a way of experimenting with how to listen to your intuitive voice makes it easier to get the hang of it.

Learning to access your intuitive wisdom is a bit like learning a new language – a language based more on feelings and sensations than on words.? Art is a language that is also based more on feelings and sensations than words.

Art comes from inspiration which is a soul quality.? All soul qualities are connected.? You’re already dipping into the well for inspiration, so it’s easier to pick up some wisdom while you’re there.

And that is how drawing Mandalas helps you be more intuitive.? It’s all in the way you approach your Mandala practice.

You actually draw your way into connecting with your inner wisdom.

This is what we’ll be doing in The Mandala Class, which starts next Monday, September 15.

And tomorrow and Friday I’ll be blogging about working with Mandalas for healing and bringing your dreams to life.? Of course, this is all connected to using Mandalas for intuitive development.? Really it’s all about using your creativity and imagination to connect more fully with your soul qualities.

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