The Magic of Mandalas Blog Hop

The Magic of Mandalas Blog Hop is a radically inspiring sharing circle, with artists from around the globe sharing the stories behind their process of creating mandalas.

Our mission: To inspire you to see new possibilities for your own creative practice.

the magic of mandalas blog hop

What is a Mandala?

For more info on Mandalas and how to create them, check out my How To Draw Mandalas (and why you want to) tutorial, which is the most popular page on my website., inspiring thousands of new people every month to start their own mandala practice.

Creating Mandalas is a way of playing with creativity and intuition and potential and accessing more of the magic within.

Mandala drawing is a big part of my staying-connected-to-my-inner-magic toolkit and so I am teaching a whole class about it, picking up where the simple tutorial ends and showing you, step-by-step, how to create mandalas that you can fall in love with and use them to access your intuitive wisdom and bring your dreams to life.

Today I’m throwing a blog hop to celebrate the magic of mandalas.

There is no “one right way” to do mandalas!? I love all mandalas and mandala-makers so I invited a whole bunch of my favourites to play with me today, to share the magic of mandalas.

I asked each artist to share a few photos and say whatever they wanted to say about their mandala-making process.

My hope is that this inspires you to discover what kind of magic YOU can find in developing your own unique mandala practice.

Wheeeeee! Mandala party! Let’s do this:

Jamie Ridler: Learning How To Draw A Mandala

Lisa Hofmann: My Year of Mandalas

Heather Plett: Making Mandalas

Effy Wild: Mandalas As A Meditative Practice

Sue O’Kieffe: Ya Gotta Have Heart

Samie Harding: Merry Mandala Magic

Hali Karla: The Magic of Mandalas

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