The Creative Dream HOLYday: a Virtual Playdate + Creative Dream Retreat

Creative. Soulful. Nourishing.? The ultimate way to start a new year.


All the fun and play of a Creative Playdate blended with all the magic and healing of a Spiritual HOLYday.

Meditation, journaling and creative play.? You’ll get time in the Circle (on the phone or in the forum) and time on your own to explore:

  • What’s going on with your dream (like, really going on with it – we’re talking deep down SOUL CONNECTION with your dream).
  • What your dream wants you to know (dreams are WISE and know how to grow themselves!).
  • What’s the #1 obstacle facing you and your dreams (sometimes we think it’s one thing, but really it’s something else.? Being clear on this is vital) and what’s the best way around/through/over/under it.

You’ll leave with:

  • Unexpected discoveries – the kinds of thing you discover when you tap into new levels of intuition + connection to spirit.
  • Healing, transformation and miracles
  • A new understanding of what to do next to bring your dream to life
  • Creative Dream Mojo: fuel for walking your Creative Dream Path in 2014

How it works:

  • We meet (on the phone, or on Skype, or you can work with the recordings later on) on January 3 at 11am (Central, NA) to create the Circle, open up that deep down soul connection to your dream and build the magic together.
  • You go play on your own (you do get playbooks for this part, or you can create your own retreat activities).
  • We meet again (on the phone, or on Skype, or you can work with the recordings later on) on January 3 at 2pm (Central, NA) for coaching, transformationing and closing the Circle.

Your dream is calling to you back to yourself.

It’s asking you to wake up.? To brighten up.? And lighten up.? And create a DREAMTASTIC life that is worthy of you.

Your dream is calling you into your creativity, your heart, your spirit, your purpose and your power.

Are you going to answer the call?

I have led 14 Virtual Creative Dream HOLYdays so far.

Every time, there have been miracles, magic and transformations, rooted in delight and joy and the magic of creativity.

Every time, people’s dreams show up and show them the most amazing things.

They are the most beautiful thing ever.? I can’t wait for the January Creative Dream HOLYday.

If you join the Creative Dream Circle by Jan 2, you get to come to the Creative Dream HOLYday on January 3!