I want to do better

I want to do better

Last month I celebrated 10 years in business with the Creative Dream Incubator by offering a bunch of free classes and coaching - all the replays are available on this page - I recommend checking out the class on working with impossible dreams.

And as I thought about all the people I have worked with over the years, and how much each of them has struggled....how we all feel so much self doubt and fear and we held back in so many different internal and external ways....

And then I thought about how a lot of our inner stuff we have about our dreams, we have because we live in a word that is so hostile towards dreams....

And suddenly it was so clear.

No one is BORN timid with their dreams. We LEARN it, living in this culture.

And at the same time - after 10 years of creating courses and developing systems for doing this work - I've created the ultimate system (Dream Book) for helping people navigate the path from where they are to where they want to be.

Dream Book is creative and flexible and works for all kinds of dreams, for navigating both the inner and outer work. I use it every day to help me with my dreams and I love tending to the group in the Dream Book program...

But, for me, CREATING new programs take a lot more energy than FACILITATING programs does. Which means all of that creative energy I've been using to create new programs for the last 10 years can be used somewhere else now. And so...

I want the Creative Dream Incubator to be exploring: how do we change the culture so that we don’t have as many obstacles to work through?

I mean this in two ways:

How do we help to level the playing field NOW, in terms of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, classism, and all of the ways our political, social and financial structures oppress and fail us all, in varying degrees?

How do we create freedom, joy, and a good life for future generations?

There is so much I want to talk about

And I have a lot of thoughts about the intersection of white supremacy, capitalism and the life coaching/spiritual + personal growth industries and where the Live Your Best Life Industry actively contributes to systemic oppression.

It's time for the new age to grow up and be a force for good for ALL people and life on this planet.

All of the activism work I've been doing and learning about over the last 5 years I've done largely in my personal life. I didn't know how the Creative Dream Incubator could be a part of that. But this keeps coming up when I am talking with my friends in the industry and now I see a way to begin - by putting these conversations out here in public.

And I know from working with dreams that you don't have to know HOW. You just have to show up. So this is my commitment to start showing up.

I have been doing a lot of writing, and getting posts ready to share on my blog and social media accounts. I will start posting them this week.

I want to do better
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