Idea Overwhelm

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Yesterday I shared my mantra for this week: I am full of amazing ideas. And I mentioned how having a lot of ideas can get overwhelming and talked about what I have been doing to be less overwhelmed and more structured with all of my ideas...

This is a post I had ready to go for today, which I wrote a few weeks ago, when I was in that process.

I just felt my whole body go into overwhelm.

It’s almost like it was happening in slow motion. Starting with my mind getting overwhelmed and then this sense of discomfort filling my whole body.

And now - all I want to do is run away from what I am doing, the thing that made me overwhelmed.

Which was - organizing my LIST OF IDEAS into TASKS and ROUTINES.

I’ve been working on this for over a year. And so much of it is going well AND this summer there is so much I want to add to it and I literally can’t hold it. My mind and body cannot hold it.

So I am noticing this sensation in my body.

This complete inability to hold all these things. The desire to run away as far as possible.

And I am noticing a growing sensation of frustration because THESE ARE THE THINGS I WANT TO BE DOING so of course I need to be able to hold them in some way.

Then it all turns into a jumbled mess inside me.

But I know one thing clearly: containers.

If, in my kitchen, I had flour and sugar and baking soda and eggs, coffee, milk and all the things… just loose everywhere in the cupboards and on the counter… I wouldn’t be able to make anything.

And it would be a frustrating experience every time I even went in there.

Everything needs a container.

Each of my ideas for what I want to do needs a container. An appropriate container that meets the needs of the thing inside it, like how my milk jug is waterproof and fits inside the fridge.

What I am doing right now, is sitting in the jumbled mess of container-less ideas and it is VERY overwhelming and it will never not be overwhelming. Like, I can’t say “Oh I’ll come back to this when I feel more clear-headed” because I could be at my most clear-headed, that doesn’t change that this is a jumbled mess that I literally can’t do anything with.

I am missing a step.

I have to take each idea, and figure out what kind of container it needs.

OK, the overwhelm in my body is calming down.

Going back into that jumbled mess, with the goal of just LOOKING AT (not doing, or attempting to do) ONE THING AT A TIME, to think about how to organize it… this feels doable.

(Looking back at this post from a few weeks ago, I feel so grateful that I did this. Because my ideas are in perfect containers now and I am doing the things and enjoying the process)

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Idea Overwhelm

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