I’m calling bullshit

There are all of these crazy ideas floating around there…

  • that your art is somehow more real if you’re not doing it for money, like money taints your process
  • that spiritual teachings should be given for free or else you’re some kind of scam artist
  • that creatives just aren’t good at business (and that the only way to get good at it is to use annoying, sleazy marketing and sales strategies)
  • that profound meaning and high profits can’t play nice together

…I could go on and on but I am getting annoyed.

What is especially insidious about this kind of bullshit is that it is masking the real problem.

All of these ideas point to –> that’s just how life is.

But the real problem is actually in the opposite direction.

All of these ideas keep you focused in the opposite direction of where the actual problem is.? So all of these ideas are also keeping you from ever finding the solution, because you’re looking in the exact wrong direction.

The right direction is, of course, to look inside you. <—

Believing that your art is somehow more real if you’re not doing it for money keeps you from having to explore that inner voice that doubts your worth.

As long as you don’t do *everything you can* to learn how to market yourself and sell your art, you keep yourself safe from ever experiencing the terror and heartbreak of putting yourself all the way out there and being rejected.? (This is the holding pattern that kept me stuck in Starving Artist Land for years, putting myself part of the way out there.)

Believing that your art is somehow more real if you’re not doing it for money also keeps you from ever doing your best work. It keeps you from discovering what your real art even is, because doing your art as your living forces you to find your creative edge.

Same goes for the belief that spiritual teachings get tainted when you charge for them.

For years I taught classes in spirituality and lead meditation groups and healing circles and did spiritual counseling, all for free or for a very low cost.

The work I do now, which is not free, is about 90X more powerful, effective, transformational (and fun!) than the work I was doing then.

Money is an amplifier and an activator.

Unfortunately, too many spiritual creatives are allowing their limiting beliefs to be amplified and activated by money, instead of allowing their purpose, spirit and creativity to be amplified by money.

Results of limiting beliefs being amplified + activated by money:

  • under-earning
  • over-working
  • feeling worn out
  • feeling resentful that you’re not doing what you want to do
  • not having the time/energy that your best work needs, because you’re doing other things to bring in the money to pay the bills

Results of purpose, spirit + creativity being amplified + activated by money:

  • trusting + experiencing that what you need is there when you need it
  • having the lifestyle that supports you in doing your best work
  • the indescribably delicious sense of satisfaction that comes from having your whole life be in alignment with your purpose

We need to shift our collective relationship with money.

It’s not about having millions in the bank.

It’s about being truly in alignment with your purpose, spirit and creativity.

When you bring creativity and play into the process – shifting your relationship with money does not have to be hard and painful and difficult.? I can show you exactly how to do this, step-by-step, in the Creative With Money Kit that you get inside the Creative Dream Circle.