It’s time for new dreams

It’s easy to feel like you should KNOW what your dreams are, but NOBODY always knows.

Creative Dreaming is about listening to yourself, and letting your inner wisdom guide you through life instead of following the paths in the outer world.

This gets so complicated because we have so many layers of… stuff.  Conditioning, belief systems, trauma. All the ways we put on masks to try to fit in and get approval from the world because it can feel unsafe to be who we really are.

Creative Dreaming asks us to work through all of this and find what is really truly YOU.

We’re going to get tangled up along the way. We’re going to get lost. These are just inevitable parts of the path.

The people out there claiming to always know the truth, to never be lost, to never feel scared, to always have that clear sense of direction about what they are doing - most of these people are so disconnected from themselves that they don’t even know how they feel. And in our culture, these people become leaders! I mean politically and economically but also - the well known healers and coaches in the new age and wellness communities.

When you can allow yourself to be LOST to feel scared or broken or however it is you feel - then you are on the right path.

Creative Dreaming will always ask you to work THROUGH these parts of the path, and not resist and avoid them.

So, there are a lot of layers and it all gets very complicated.

And dreams shift.

With so many changes in my life, I need to change my dreams FOR NOW. What’s calling me in this stage of my life?

Healing. Softness. Spaciousness. Gentleness. Creativity. Rest. Nourishment.

Making this list feels FRUSTRATING. 

My heart tightens up. I want to go do something else.

I don’t want to think about what’s REALLY calling me right now. I want to move forward with my projects as though nothing has happened. I want my step-kid recovered and out of the hospital. I don’t want to be in this messy part of a recent separation I want to feel grounded in my new life. I want to avoid all of this.

But that’s the other thing about creative dreaming.

It needs you to be HERE.


You can only create from the present moment.

So HERE, WHERE I AM, what do I dream of?

Softness. SLOWING DOWN. A winter-long healing retreat in the loft.

I’m going to get a pages going in my Dream Book for these dreams: dream page and dream self page for the things I need in this season of my life.

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