Your creative dreams want you to be more YOU

It’s POURING outside, like CRAZY RAIN and I decided I HAVE TO go to the bakery and get fresh bread. It’s only a 2 minute walk but that’s plenty of time to get absolutely soaked but I did it anyway.

And on the way back I noticed the little portulaca flowers on my patio.

And then I remembered my creative dream garden in the meditation at Co-Dreaming on Monday. In my garden, lots of things were dead and it was like “this is the season for things to die. This is what the harvest IS. Things will grow again in spring.”

And it felt VERY uplifting. And my whole body really FELT the message, that things do die and it’s a part of life and everything is ok and I will be ok.

Coming back in from the bakery, seeing my flowers, brought it home even more.

I’ve been planting portulaca flowers in this one little pot I have, every year. Portulaca are annual flowers that do really well in a ton of sun with little water, so they were the only thing that felt appropriate for this smaller outdoor planter I have because my patio is super sunny, so I got new ones every spring.

The patio is stone. After a few years, portulaca started coming up between the stones! The flowers were seeding themselves and I loved it.

After a few years of that, the portulaca started MIXING COLOURS!!! They created new variegated flowers and new shades of orange and salmon - from mixing yellow, red, pink and white.

It was SO delightful.

Then, this year we got a new company taking care of the yard who sprayed weed killed (AKA PLANT KILLER!!!) on all of our patios. And then, this year I couldn’t find portulaca for that pot!

And so nothing came up in the patio. All those new colours of flowers, gone.

But then at the end of July some portulaca plants started coming up. And they started flowering in September. And now, at the beginning of October, when I got back from the bakery and saw the little flowers on my patio what I thought was:

I hope these flowers hurry up and die.

Because I need them to go to seed before winter, so that next year there will be new flowers on the patio. 

Capitalism wants us to ALWAYS be producing. ALWAYS be growing. This isn’t what life is though.

Your creative dreams want you to be more YOU, and less a cog in the machine. They will ask you to be more present with the fallow times, with the dying things, with all part of your miraculous experience in this world.

With that in mind, my creative dream practice for today is journaling. Just follow my thoughts and feelings and see where they go.

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