Journal Prompts for Finding Your Soulmate (Or Even Just a Date for Saturday Night)

Journal prompts for finding your soulmate

Finding love - if you want a long-term monogamous commitment or just a great date this weekend - can be tricky.

Often people think their dream of finding someone is not, like, a real dream. Like a real dream is something concrete that you can work towards: a solo show in an art gallery, a novel written, a trip around the world. A real dream is a thing where you can take steps, work hard, and get there eventually.

Finding the right person seems to be a lot more about luck and just waiting for the right time and maybe going on a lot of shitty first dates.

But finding your soulmate IS a dream you can work on.

Your journal is your best tool for making any dream real, including finding your soulmate.

Your journal is where you work shit out and create space to be able to listen to your own inner voice - who is the only knows who knows how to navigate your unique path to love.

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Journal your way to your soulmate!

You don't have to answer each prompt perfectly. Use the prompts as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore – the most important part of journaling is following your creative impulse – that’s where the magic is.

Even when you’re not sure about your answers – stay in the process. The best answers aren't right on the surface, it takes time to get to them.

Creative Journal Prompts for Finding Your Soulmate (Or Even Just a Date for Saturday Night):

Ideally, my love life would look like:

If I had that I would feel:

If I had my ideal love life then other parts of my life would change and be more:

My love life doesn't look like I want it to right now because:

But if I am really honest with myself, the answer to the last question is:

Brainstorm a list of everything you could do about it:

Go through your list and pick out one, small, do-able thing that you could try in the next week.

The thing I am most afraid of when it comes to relationships is:

Some ways I could help make that be less scary are:

The thing I am most excited about when it comes to a relationship is:

Some ways I could invite that kind of energy/feeling into my life right now:

Take your time with this.  Really explore each question and notice where your thoughts lead you to.

Then explore your answers to see what they are telling you about what action to take.

Your path to love is going to be unique to you and the best way to navigate it is by listening to your own inner wisdom about how to move forward.

This is delicate work.

Love is vulnerable and terrifying.

Navigating the path to finding love is going to mean navigating a lot of uncomfortable and confusing feelings.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about exploring this – you’re not alone.  We’re all scared sometimes!

But fears don’t bother coming up unless you’re onto something, so if you’re feeling afraid of exploring this, that is a good sign.

If some fears do come up for you – you can check out my Creative Journaling Prompts for Overcoming Fear.

Journal Prompts for Finding Your Soulmate (Or Even Just a Date for Saturday Night)

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