Journal Prompts for when you have too many ideas and can’t pick which one to focus on

Journal Prompts for when you have too many ideas and can’t pick which one to focus on

Having more ideas than you know what to do with is a natural part of being creative.

You're a creative genius and your mind doesn't stop. That's good!

But you can't let your overabundance of ideas overwhelm you. I know it's easy to be kind of frozen not knowing what to do next, but all movement is good, so you need to get yourself out of that frozen place.

This place where you're trying to pick which idea to go with is RIPE with opportunities for your inner critics and limiting beliefs to just take over.

So it's important to not stay in this place very long!

These journal prompts will help you get moving sooner.

It's usually not all that important WHICH idea you choose, just that you CHOOSE something and get moving with it.

But we all hesitate and second guess.

Your journal is such a good tool for this, to give you some space to dig deeper, maybe get some insights around WHY you're hesitating and second guessing this particular project, and help you get more clear about what to do next.

Journal prompts for when you have too many ideas and don't know which one to focus on:

Start by writing down ALL of the ideas - get them together on one page.

Then let’s play with ranking them!

Which one would be the MOST fun?

Which one would be the LEAST fun?

Which would be the EASIEST to do?

Which would be FASTEST to get done?

Which would take the most time?

Which would be the most difficult to actually pull off?

What's THE MOST inspiring idea?

Do any of the ideas feel kind of blah or heavy to think about?

Which one will help you reach your goals?

Which one has the biggest potential payoff?

Which one feels the most impossible?

You don't have to answer each of the prompts. It's more important to follow the rabbit-holes.

The point is to explore your ideas from different perspectives.

And while you do this...

👉🏻 What fears or limiting beliefs makes themselves known and what does this tell you about the inner work you need to focus on at this time?

This is the real thing to explore here.

I do have a this set of journal prompts for overcoming fear if you want to explore those.

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Journal Prompts for when you have too many ideas and can\'t pick which one to focus on

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