Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

Earlier this week I shared some Journal Prompts for Finding your Dream. As I talked about at the end of that post - being honest with yourself about your dreams can be TERRIFYING.

You may have a fear that if you find out what your dream is, everything will change and change is scary.

Or if you go after your dream and you fail - that will hurt too much.

Or that if you know what your dream is, you still won't know how to make it real, and that will be too frustrating.

Or if you knew what your dream is, you might go after it with everything you've got - and that would be too selfish.

Or deep down inside, you might already kind of know what your dream is, but you're sure you're not good enough to make it happen. It's easier to just not know what it is.

This is scary stuff! How you deal with that fear will determine whether or not your dream comes true.

That's why you need to journal about your fear.

It's NOT about how gifted you are or how much training you have or whether or not people like you and support your dreams.

It's ALL about how you handle the inner work.

So today I'm offering some Journal Prompts to help (gently! lovingly!) meet your fear.

The important thing to know about dealing with fear is this: the scared parts of you are scared.

Obviously! But you forget this all the time and respond to fear as though it was not afraid.

You respond to it like it was a monster. And you try to overcome it by streamrolling over it - because you're also afraid.

You're afraid of being afraid.

And steamrolling doesn't work! It just flattens the fear so that you can stuff it deep down inside and pretend it doesn't exist.

Meanwhile, that fear, stuffed deep down inside you, becomes a Creative Dream BLOCK.

The secret is to meet your fear.

With love and gentleness.

Think of it less as a monster and more as a frightened child.? Oh sweetie, you're scared - what can I do to help you feel better?

These prompts will help you do this - I also have a free 90 minute video class where I lead you through the process of doing this. It's free and available on demand, 24-7. Get it here. 

These journal prompts for fear are for playing and creating with.

Use them as little diving boards to dive off into other things to explore - the most important part is to follow what comes up for you, not to answer every prompt perfectly.

Even when you're not sure about your answers stay in the process. If having pretend conversations with fear is new to you, it may take a little practice for this to make sense.

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear:

  • Explore your fear. Where is it showing up in your body and what does it feel like?
  • Imagine that your fear is a frightened child. What does it look like? Note every detail.
  • Ask this frightened child what it needs. List every answer.
  • Go through the answers and for each one, explore if it would actually bring a sense of comfort and safety or does it just numb out the fear or is it really about trying to control the world around you so that you can feel safe?? (hint: that never works)

Take your time with this. Really explore each question and notice where your thoughts lead you to.

You want to try and find an idea for something that you can do right now that will actually bring you a sense of comfort and safety.

When you are able to sit with the fear and journal with it, with an open heart and a willingness to understand what this part of you needs - healing happens.

And when you make this a regular practice - miracles happen.

I'd love to SHOW YOU how this works.

I did a free healing circle and inner work workshop where I lead you through the process of working with your fear.

Try it today:

Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

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