*total panic* I can’t find my dream

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Yesterday I started a brand new Dream Book.

Since I am starting a whole new season in so many different parts of my life, it felt right.

One of the first exercises in Dream Book is to create a page in your journal that defines your dream on multiple levels. This helps to hold the intention for all of the work to come in your Dream Book.

I was so excited to define my new dreams, but...

... nothing came to me.

I don't know what my dream is.

I felt lost. Sad. Anxious. Embarrassed. But mostly lost.

The dream is the guiding light, where did mine go?

I was feeling so distraught about this, I used one of the tools from Dream Book - The Un-Sticking Station.

Inside the Un-Sticking Station, I realised:

Oh! Of course I feel lost right now. I am on the cusp of receiving a dream I've been working on for a while - my new life with my husband and a new creative space for new creative projects. We're been renovating + redecorating + re-organizing + planning and we're in the final stages of all of it right now.

Oh! OH! OF COURSE I started a brand new Dream Book, I want to leap ahead and dream up the next thing, instead of doing the thing that's in front of me to do.

(This is one of the best recipes for consistent miracles: do the thing that's in front of you to do. It's also really hard to do consistently)

The thing that's in front of me to do is finish up all the details of this dream. Make space for it to fall into place. Which means: all of the annoying tasks that I've been putting off.

I have SO MUCH putting away and giving away and finishing painting to do.

But here's the other thing. It's not just that these are boring and tiresome tasks and I don't really want to do them.

It's that I am quickly moving from "dreaming/planning" to "OMG THIS IS HAPPENING".

The completion stage of a dream usually comes with a lot of feelings AND a lot of to-dos.

And I was trying to avoid all of the uncomfortable parts of that by skipping ahead to my next dream.

Instead of staying present where I am, and doing the things that are in front of me to do.

And that's why I couldn't articulate my next dream.

It's not time for that yet.

And then I didn't feel lost or anxious or sad anymore. I felt kind of annoyed that I'm out of excuses about doing these tasks I've been trying to avoid. But I am going to go do them now.

Sometimes our dreams need us to do the boring/annoying thing.

*total panic* I can\'t find my dream

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