New ⚡️Community Spell⚡️

We have to free ourselves of all the ways the world dims our light, and BE who we really ARE.

I mean, life is a mystery I'm not saying I know exactly who any of us is supposed to BE.

But I do feel sure that we are not here, experiencing the miracle of life, totally filled with creative magic and ideas for things to create.... only to spend our lives being cogs in the capitalist machine while we leave the next generations with no chance for a livable future.

We are more than this. Our creative dreams are showing us who we are and what we are here to do.

Last August I did 30 days of meditation and journaling on the theme: Slow the fuck down! BE as powerful, creative + magnetic as you ARE.

I did that for myself, and shared it for anyone who wanted to explore with me.

Since then, that theme has stayed present in my own practice and keeps coming up on Dream Book calls.

So I am bringing it back. This time I'll be sharing prompts and ideas for you to explore the theme over the month of February, and then on Feb 28 we'll do:

Slow the fuck down! BE as powerful, creative + magnetic as you ARE Zoom call/community spell.

It's time to free ourselves of all the things that dim our light.

Let's make magic together! Get the details here.

I'll have lots to say about this all month long on my blogemail list and Instagram. I'll post about three times per week.

New ⚡️Community Spell⚡️

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