Notes from my journal: Transforming Overwhelm


I’m getting everything ready for the Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance Free Tele-Class Series.

Since I need to have a lot of spaciousness in my schedule, I need most of the stuff ready to go before we start on Jan 5 – all the emails with call details scheduled, the pages you go to get the replays, blog posts, etc.

It’s not really that much work, but when I sit down to do it, I get completely overwhelmed by all the details and unknowns.

Yesterday afternoon I ended up watching Love Actually instead.

Today I need to get to work, so I am starting with exploring the overwhelm.

Physically: My heart feels constricted and small and tight. My head goes all fuzzy.? My shoulders get tense.

Emotionally: I just can’t.

So, I set the table and invite the overwhelm to sit down and have tea with me.

Overwhelm shows up as this horrible grey monster with long, sharp, pointy fingers which it wraps around the tiny tea cup to take a delicate sip of rose tea.? Then it digs into the cookies with a big smile.

“Oh thank you, this is so fabulous and delicious.? I could sit here all day.”

Oh, so my overwhelm doesn’t want to get back to work.

“Oh goodness gracious, no!? Work is scary.? Tea is fun.? I vote for fun”

The horrible grey monster is now a cartoon boy with blonde hair, quickly gobbling up the cookies and tea like he can’t get enough.

OK, so it looks like the part of me that is overwhelmed will just do anything to get me to stop working on the work.? I pick up the cartoon boy and put him in a box of calm and he kind of melts into it like he’s got a giant cookie hangover.

I put the box on the table and look at it.? What do I need? What does my overwhelm need?? What does my work need?? It feels like there are too many pieces to juggle, which is, of course, what overwhelm is.

I am sensitive.? I get overwhelmed easily, especially by details.

Do I still want to do this?? I check in with myself and yes I absolutely want to do this.

I invite the heart and soul of the free tele-class series to join me for tea.? It arrives as a queen, who happily sits down across from me, sending some love and compassion to the cartoon boy in the box of calm.

“I know this is a lot of work.? I know it’s out of your comfort zone.? But honey it’s going to be fabulous.”

Her words feel true.? This will be fabulous.? Does that mean that there are fabulous ways for me to take care of myself in the process of doing this fabulous thing?

The queen pops open a bottle of champagne.

Oh, right, she’s celebrating that I saw that if this thing is big and fabulous then my practices and approach need to be big and fabulous as well.

So, how do I fabulously tackle my to-do list?

The queen puts the bottle down and sighs.

OK, right.? Wrong question.

How do I feel fabulous and excited while getting ready to throw this great party?

The champagne is flowing again.

Of course, it’s all in my mindset.? Knowing that it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed by details, it’s important for me to bolster my energy with a positive attitude.? It’s fine that the mundane tasks I have to do are mundane, they don’t need to be fabulous.? I just need to feel fabulous.

I bring that feeling of champagne flowing into my heart and let it circulate through my body.

Yes, this is the energy I want to create from, this is the energy I want to do these tasks from, this is how I want to play with my to-do list for this event.

I’m ready to get to work.

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