Painting My Feelings

Remember: Yikes! The I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings practice is free to access until Dec 5.

These are practices like yoga is a practice.

You don't do yoga once, and then three years later wonder why your back is stiff is stiff when you "did yoga" to stretch it out.

This is why I offer so many different practices, so that you can find the one that works on any given day.

As you repeat them, listen to your own intuition and creativity and you'll find your own ways of working with them.

While I was doing the Yikes! I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings meditation I wanted to draw it out instead of fill in the journaling sheet, so I did.

(see photo above)

I love doing this. Creating a visual representation of the feelings helps me see them from a different perspective. And as you can see - no art skills needed! This is NOT about making art that looks like something, it's about being with your feelings in the moment. Giving them colours and shapes.

Once I was done, it was depressing to see how far away I was from the "happy fairy vibes" that I was going for this week.

And then I realised - actually I need a nap.

And then my Dream Self (from another practice we do in Dream Book) came in and whispered "You are doing great. Keep going." and I FELT IT.

We all feel feelings sometimes! It's ok!

Such a relief.

Painting My Feelings