What To Do About Negative Inner Voices That Shoot Dreams Down

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What To Do About Negative Inner Voices That Shoot Dreams Down

Today I’m going to answer a question I get often:

I’m curious about how to tap the deepest level without the negative inner voice shooting the dreams down. That’s my biggest issue.

No one is going to like this answer: there is no way to get to the deepest level without encountering the negative inner voices.

Being more present in your inner world means being more present in all of your inner world.

Learning to activate your inner superpowers and make your dreams real is actually all about learning how to transform the negative, fearful voices that get in the way.

Because your inner superpowers already exist.? You already have everything you need, to do anything you want to do.? It’s just a matter of believing in yourself, untangling the tangles and healing your limiting patterns and beliefs.

Then your superpowers can shine through, so bright they change your whole life.

Which means if you want your journaling practice to be a space for healing and transformation then you have to welcome these voices in when they show up, you can’t be trying to avoid them.

This is the biggest part of my practice: welcoming what shows up and working with it.? Trusting that the negative voices that show up are the path – that healing and transforming these parts of me is exactly what I need to be focused on right now.

Often I think I should be focused somewhere else – and exploring something more comfortable and happy.? But I’m always wrong.

The thing that shows up is always the right thing to be exploring.

How, exactly, to do this deep and effective transformative work is beyond the scope of what I can offer in this free series, but you’ll get all the help you could possibly need to do this inside the Creative Dream Circle.

But the first step is definitely to welcome them.

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