The Dream Factory


The main floor looks like a typical factory floor. BIG, big big space.? Concrete floors.? Big wooden posts here and there.

But it’s not filled with machines like a typical factory floor.? And it’s not all dusty.

There’s a lot of open space.? And the air practically sparkles.? There are bursts of colour and art. Affirmations and reminders about the true power of dreams.

There are some machines, they are kind of whimsical and complicated.

And beanbag chairs, not cheesy old beanbag chairs, really cool zen ones like these:

In the Dream Factory there are markers everywhere, so the chairs have doodles and patterns and little encouraging messages on them

Except there are no people in the Dream Factory.

Robots work here.? Dream Robots.

Dream Robots who need comfy places to relax and nap but are also really super committed to their mission: getting dreams ready to grow.

The Dream Robots take everything I do:

like teaching and writing blog posts and sharing cute pictures and figuring out marketing and sales and holding the bigger vision and experimenting and trying new things and coaching and creating spaces for miracles + magic and, most importantly, doing everything I can to live what I teach

And turn it into fuel for the Creative Dream Incubator.

Then, they open up this magic door and these sparkling shimmering colour-changing bubbles float out.

Then they clap and dance and sing and celebrate because these bubbles are dreams that are ready to grow.

The bubbles float up to the ceiling.

Oh, the ceiling of the Dream Factory is all glass.? The Dream Robots love to be able to look at the sky!

And, thanks to the delightfully supportive + helpful air currents, the bubbles float over to my office.

My office in the Dream Factory

My office in the Dream Factory is upstairs.? It’s a smaller square (but still a beautifully spacious space, just not gigantic like the factory) in the far left corner of the Dream Factory.

In this smaller square, there are 2 stories.? On the main floor is the room filled with all the things that support me:

  • My gifts, talents and natural abilities
  • My many many gazillions of hours spent in courses, workshops, retreats and training in all things spirituality, manifestation, intuition, meditation, creativity and personal development
  • My connection to purpose + spirit
  • My resources
  • All the experiences that taught me and showed and cracked my heart open so I could feel the magic

I don’t go into this room often, it’s mostly just there supporting me: it’s the solid foundation.

The second floor is my own Creative Dream Headquarters.

The walls that look out to into the factory are all glass, so I can see everything that’s happening down there.

And of course we have communication devices so the Dream Robots and I can talk to each other.

My space up in this loft in the Dream Factory and… this is where real life and the “imaginary” dream factory collide – this space looks exactly like my actual Dream Loft.? It’s a big creative play space that’s got everything I need to do anything I want.


Looking down on my office, from up in the loft within the loft.

Over in the corner, beside wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows – the creative zen tent of dreams.

Toys, altars + bits of magic everywhere.

My Playstation in the Creative Dream Factory.


Most importantly: my office is really super grounded in all of the qualities, structures and routines I need that support me in doing my best work.

And it contains all the tools of Creative Dream Incubation.? In my office is where dreams grow.

And, just like in my actual Dream Loft, there is a loft within the loft.

There is this silver spiral staircase that leads up to my retreat space.? The retreat space is an all-glass dome that sits on top of the Dream Factory roof.

It’s very Art Deco and GORGEOUS.? And being on top of the whole Dream Factory, it is where the Dream Factory reaches out and connects to the cosmos.

When I’m in the retreat space I’m connected to the whole cosmos and able to refuel and recharge and get all filled up on whatever I need to be all filled up on.

Of course, I sleep in the retreat space every night so the cosmos can work its magic on me while I sleep.

But, let’s back down the silver spiral staircase, back to my creative play space…

When we left the Dream Robots and the shimmering bubbles, the bubbles had, thanks to the delightfully supportive + helpful air currents, floated over to my office.

One of the windows that looks out into the main floor of the Dream Factory has this gorgeous sparkling cut crystal handle, and opens up to let the bubbles in.

The bubbles, of course, are dreams that are ready to grow.

And I get to play, in my creative play space, with the dreams that are ready to grow and the dreamers that are ready to grow them.

And that’s my business.

This has been my livelihood?since January 1, 2011?and I could not be happier about that. ?(Though I’ve been working on it much longer than that, while working at day jobs)

While understanding the unfolding story of your business is so important, (this is something we do in the Creative Business Incubator which comes free with the Creative Dream Circle) you can’t just make up a story.?

The story has to be a true expression of the essence (the heart and soul) of your business, and contain the qualities and relationships that are important to your business and your purpose and your creativity.

Whether your dream is a business or something else, there is this richness to your dream that is real and true and completely intangible.

Your dream needs to be plugged into this richness: the magic and the purpose and the heart and the soul of your dream – the beauty and meaning of why you want to do the thing in the first place.

Growing your business through the inner work of Creative Dream Incubation is the only way to do it.

You don’t need more time, or more money or more support.? You need a deeper, stronger, truer internal relationship to your soul, your dream and your creative magic.

When you understand the story, you can play with it.? You can learn from it.

Your intuition is powerful.

Your wisdom is powerful.

Your creativity is powerful.

Your purpose is powerful.

Plug all of that in to your business (or to any other dream!) and you’ll see the magic.

If you want my help,? I’ve set up the whole Creative Dream Circle with everything you need to SUCCEED.

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