The golden pyramid

So interesting/funny that yesterday I wrote about how this work is important to me because it helps me feel intention and creative and ALIVE and how I can easily wake up in the morning feeling none of those things.

This morning I woke up feeling ALL of those things, plus EXCITED about my life. The thought in my head was “ I LOVE MY LIFE!!!”

But what I was really speaking to is how we need to chose how we want to show up REGARDLESS of how we feel. NOT, EVER, to deny our feelings. But to not let them drive us. To be creative and intentional about our lives so we can CHOOSE.

So, I feel so grateful that this feels easy and natural today.

So I am doing the Dream Lab to meet with my dream.

I am so happy about the new sky visor I got for winter cycling to keep my eyes warm. It’s polarized pink/rainbow and the bubble of Creativity, Light and Knowing looks like like it, which just feels really good.

I feel light and sparkly. I feel so CAPABLE of making this dream real.

The field of Creative Dream Alchemy is so ALIVE with art. Like, I guess, animated art zooming around. I feel inspired and energized and like I want to make more art.

OMG I just love this meditation, lol. I usually I just do this in my head without the audio but it’s so much better with it.

My dream shows up as a pyramid. It’s gold. It fits in my hands.

Oh! It’s the compass of Creative Dream Alchemy - Inner Work, Dream Work, Outer Work, but it’s showing me how putting them together builds something - turns a triangle into a pyramid that is solid gold.

My dream is luxuriating in all of the SPACE in my life. It’s like - it loves Joseph and the kids too but/and I as a person, and it is a dream, we need more SPACE. The effort I put in to being a good wife and step-mom, which were never things I dreamed of but it felt right to follow that path when it was in front of me, is now more available for me and my dream and that makes this dream so much easier.

(It feels bitchy to write this, but this is how the meditation felt. And it didn’t feel bitchy in the meditation, just like an acknowledgment of truth without judging my married life OR my new life. They will all still be in my life but it’s really not the same.)

There is ease, delight and freedom sparkling around us.

Putting the pyramid  into my heart at the end feels stabilizing and energizing. I feel so ready to get to work today!

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