Things I Know (Dialogue with my inner worry-wort)

When I’m a little dazed and confused, it’s always helpful to write out a list of things I know.? This is a random list of what I know today:

1. All Signs Point To YES.? Just because this new thing is a “way bigger deal” than anything I’ve done before, my inner critics are convinced it can’t succeed.? But nothing has actually happened that suggests this isn’t going to go exactly as planned.

2. I am clearly exceeding my current limit for what I feel comfortable receiving.? I have been here before and it has never meant anything other than it’s time to expand my limit.

3. My intuition is clear. My intuition has never led me astray.? Following my intuition has always proven to be safe.

4. I don’t have to see it to know it’s there.

5. I have so many options it’s ridiculous.? There is always a way.? And I have so many tools for finding ways!? I have The Best Tools, actually.

6. The work I’m doing right now lights me up like nothing else.? I’m definitely on the right path.

7. My mission is much bigger than me.? (The top of my head tingled when I wrote that.)? The support for me mission is also bigger than me.

In light of all this, sweet tiny part of me who worries, are you sure the worry is needed?? It’s ok to take a break if you want, I’ve got this.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I need to worry!? What if no one is worrying?!? What will happen when things start to go wrong if I wasn’t worrying in advance!! Disaster!? I wouldn’t be able to fit all the worry into the time left! And then what?!?!?!

Yeah, and then what?

I wouldn’t worry all the worry!

I know, but what would happen if you didn’t worry ALL the worry?

[No response for a while, she just looks kind of stumped and confused.]

If there is too much un-worried worry, doesn’t it fall to the ground and ruin everything?

I don’t think so sweetie, has that ever happened?

I don’t know.? I just want to be READY!? When disaster strikes I don’t want to be surprised, I want to be ready.

Do you think worrying in advance is the best way to get ready?



Yes!? Worry makes you look at other options!

But worry isn’t the only thing that makes me look at other options.? What about the Creative Dream HOLYdays we do every month in the Circle?? So many options, ideas and possibilities come out of those, much more than worrying has ever created.

Oh my gosh! Worry might not be the best tool!? The HOLYdays DO give you the best ideas.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve been using the right tool, sweetie. See worry actually makes it harder to move forward because it’s got kind of a heavy vibe.? Worry slows things down which I think you like because it feels safer to you to slow things down.

If I was cataloging all the ideas, possibilities and options instead of worrying I think that would be more helpful.? I could respond faster in an emergency.? And… well, you’re right that I do feel safer when you are moving slower and I could still slow you down by showing you the catalogs.

Huh.? I am very inspired by my little worry-wort!

I’d love to create this catalog!

I do have journals upon journals filled with this stuff but if I put it into a binder where I can organise everything that actually would be very helpful.

Excited! I’m off to get a latte and get started cataloging my many options, possibilities and ideas.

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