When I connect with my dream, I feel lost

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Today my practice is WEIRD:

When I connect with my dream and it's like “Yeah that would nice but I have no flipping clue what to DO”

And this response actually leads to so much emotional distress.

This is why, culturally, we belittle dreams and dreamers. To avoid being in that emotional distress.

It's sad that most people believe that it’s “just a fantasy” when you have no clue what to do….

Because actually it’s an alchemical invitation.

Answering the call of the dream will change YOU, not just your life.

It only STARTS with not having any flipping clue what to do, you can either use that as a sign to give up, or as an opportunity to go deeper.

But that is not the post I meant to write today. That just kind of came out...

What I meant to write is that today:

I'm trying to use the Dream Lab to connect with my dream, I can’t quite do it.

I feel lost and I don’t know what to do. Not knowing what to do leaves me feeling helpless and scared that I will NEVER figure out what to do.

But if one of you who is doing Dream Book said this to me, I would first remind you that this is ok, this is a part of the process and doesn’t meant you are doing anything wrong or that your dream has died or anything.

And then I would ask “Where are you, in Dream Book? What’s the last thing you were working on?”

Well, as I shared yesterday, I had started that page about deserving to believe in myself and my dreams.

Then I would ask “How would it feel to keep working on that? Or would you rather look at what the next thing on the list is? Or is there a page you’ve already done that would be good to revisit?” At this point I would ask different questions depend on the specifics of their dream.

For me, in my specific situation I would say “You need a projects page with just the (current and potential) projects that relate to this particular dream. Let’s get them all on one page and then we can take a look at “I don’t know what to do”.

I start to resist this advice because I have everything organized in my project management app.

But I know what I would say to me, lol.

"You FEEL lost. This doesn’t mean you ARE lost. But writing it BY HAND and taking the time to think about everything as you write it in gives you a chance to process, and see it all from a different perspective."

Your dream is NOT a to do list!!!!

A project management app is great, and vital even for what I am doing, but there is ALSO an alchemical aspect to this that gets missed in there.

You need to put this in the Dream Book, too. It will look/feel different in there.

Feeling lost about your dream is an INVITATION to go deeper.

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When I connect with my dream, I feel lost

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