Why is it so uncomfortable for me to share this part?

I’ve been trying to write this post and I’m noticing that I feel uncomfortable and I want to just delete it because I think it’s boring and I appreciate my readers and don’t want to bore them.

Beneath this noticing, I’m noticing that I never hesitate to share the stickier suckier parts of the creative dream path. ?I share bits and pieces of happy stuff on facebook all the time but to write a whole blog post about how freaking amazing everything is?? Uncomfortable.

I know a it’s easy to look at someone (like me) who is doing exactly what they want to do and think: it must be easier for her.

But as a teacher and guide in the Land of Creative Dreams I know that waiting for it to be easy is one of the most common ways that people kill their dreams.? So I write a lot about the hard parts, as encouragement.?

To say: it’s hard for me, too.? It’s hard for everyone.? Don’t give up just because it’s hard.

But today I only have happy things to share: everything in my life is painted in all these gorgeous new shades of beautiful and true.

So much is changing for me right now.

I’m stepping into a new layer of who-I-really-am.

I’m starting to lead transformational retreats in the most creatively inspiring places around the world.

I’ve totally re-built the Creative Dream Circle to be simpler, more fun and more accessible.? (Registration is closed to new members right now, but when it opens back up you’ll be able to hop in and play your way to your dream, easier than ever).? I am so happy and proud about this.

The new Circle needs a whole new business structure around it, one that can support such an sparkle-licious level of radiance and magic.? I’ve got the plan in place and am working towards this.

I got a cute haircut and have been sewing adorable dresses.

I’ve been drawing like a crazy person, and looooving every second of it.

I hardly ever sit still, I am happily bouncing through my days.

I feel more creatively alive than I have in a long time.

But these are just the outside changes.? The reflections of what is changing inside me.

There is so much more spaciousness and clarity inside me.? I’ve been working with these qualities for a long time, that work keeps rubbing away the stuff that blocks them, and this past few months some big chunks of stuff fell off.

It feels amazing.

A layer of is-that-really-possible-dust was just cleared off of my possibility glasses.? I’m blinking a bit, slightly disoriented because everything is so bright, but I’m happy to be here.

This is a part of the Creative Dream path, too.

It’s kind of stupid that I’m uncomfortable sharing it here, because this is why we work through the hard parts, yes?

To get to the part where you feel like there’s more space for you.

Like your life is true-er and deeper and brighter.

The place where your Creative Genius is bigger and brighter (and STAYS bigger and brighter) than your doubts and fears.

The place where those old patterns that hold you back just gently fall away.

I love this part.?

This is why I do this, so I can live in this place more often, and help you to build your home here too.

PS: I want to remind you that the door is open to the Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle. Inside the circle, I’m drawing my way through my energy body, and drawing in the changes I want to change, which is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.? There’s a lot of magic in there for you.

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