BEING this new version of me

We are doing the 30 day journaling + meditation invitation for the month of August. An explanation of this project is here. I'll be posting an update here every day (M-F) for the month of August and I'm also doing short videos on Instagram to share things I am learning along the way.\

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This week my goal was to get to know this version of me who is BEING as creative, powerful and magnetic as I AM.

Here is the big thing that stands out in all I learned: she takes better care of herself. She doesn't judge her sensitivities, or try to wish them away, she just takes care of them.

Which of course helps her BE more creative, powerful and magnetic.

Last fall I had a lot of anxiety. Like I tipped the scale and it was really hard to bring it back, so all the things I would usually do that would help didn't help as well. I need a lot of time and space for my nervous system to recover.

Looking back, I can see that all of the activities I was doing in the summer - ALL OF WHICH I ENJOYED - contributed to this. It's just too much "being out in the world" for my nervous system.

I was even trying to "cram in as much good as I could" knowing I'd be staying home a lot more over the winter because of the pandemic.

This week I started to feel the same thing happening.

I noticed - the world is starting to feel louder, more annoying. The heat is really getting to me.

At first I was seeing that it's THE WORLD that is too loud and hot but then I realised- no it's me. It's my sensitivities. It's me coming up against my edges.

Noticing this is a choice: to honour my actual needs and pull back, or do what I think I "should" be able to and keep doing all the things.

When I am BEING as creative, powerful and magnetic as I AM - this isn't even a question. I take care of me.

So - I've got a stack of library books, a few sewing projects, and a weekend of NOT leaving the house.

BEING this new version of me

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