The Answer to Everything

These days I’m starting my days with a trip to the coffee shop by the park, then… journal picnic.


Meditation. Journaling. Creative Genius Planning. Dream-Map-Making. Mandala Drawing:? I like to spend at least 2 hours doing this first thing in the morning.

This is the secret, the magic and the answer to everything: focus on the inside, not the outside.

And this works especially well when you don’t have time for inner work.

Because being in your Creative Flow is sustainable and unlimited.

Giving your time and attention to the things that get your butt into the flow.

And putting that BEFORE work and responsibilities.

THAT’S where the magic is.

Because then you’re filled up.? And you’re in the FLOW.?? So – work is pretty smooth.? Your Creative Genius is activated.? Things fall into place.

Plus FLOW comes with access to synchronicity and miracles.

So why I would ever not make getting my butt into the flow my #1 priority is kind of a mystery.

Still, this has been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn as a Creative Entrepreneur.? I learn it and re-learn it and then have to keep reminding myself all the time.

I’m kind of hard-wired to believe that I have to earn it.? That work comes first, and play comes second – if there’s time.

The truth is: Play and Flow and Creativity are POWERFUL TRANSFORMERS.

They can get you to where you want to be so much faster, easier and more effectively than working your tail off ever can.? I promise.

PS: If you want to explore this with me, I’m hosting a Playdate with FLOW tomorrow in the Creative Dream Circle.? If you can’t be there live, all calls will be recorded – we’ll keep exploring this for the rest of the month in the Circle.