Everything is messy right now. Let me tell you about my new Art Therapy setup.

I am trying to show up and practice creative dreaming but today is just MESSY.

I am doing the Being Filled with Possibility, Magic and Power practice. And the Dream Lab. And the Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice.

Nothing feels like anything I want to share about - like it's just messy and off. And that's ok! Some days are messy and off. These are important and valid days too.

So instead I want to tell you about my new Art Therapy Box.

I got a wooden "toolbox" from Ikea. I already had a little wooden box that fit my oil and water soluble pastels, watercolour paints and paint pens, which is smaller and sits on top of the toolbox.

The toolbox opens up with 4 compartments that I filled with tools (scissors, glue, brushes, etc) and then the big box section is full of acrylic paints.

I keep it all on my floor with my big Un-Sticking StationJournal (a big purple hardcover sketchbook).

All the feelings I don't know what to do with go in there. I do the Un-Sticking Station practice as best I can with them AND have permission to not do it, to just use this journal as a place to express whatever I am feeling.

It's a big mess of contradictions.

This is a practice I started last summer (having the separate journal just for Un-Sticking because there is Just So Much right now) and I just realized today maybe I have never shared about that here. I've been so happy since setting up the little art supply station for it, and using it much more.

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