How to bring impossible projects to life

how to bring impossible projects to life

A few definitions to help explain what I'm saying here:

DREAM: A thing that calls/delights/inspires you. A thing you WANT.

PROJECT: A thing that you can do/create/work on to make your dream happen?- projects bring your dream into the physical world.

IMPOSSIBLE: The way all dreams feel when you're not giving them the love, time and attention they need.


Your dream is not impossible - you just don't see the way there yet.

So I wanted to design a deck of inspiration cards.

The logistics of this confounded me. Who prints them? What size could I make them in? How are they sold?

I imagined having a big box of decks in my loft and having to walk to the post office every day to mail off orders. I imagined that I wouldn't be making much money from these decks and having to spend all this time on them seemed like it would make it harder for me to do the work that I do get paid for.

It felt like there was no good way to do this.

But I still wanted it.

The dream of creating this deck of cards kept calling me no matter how much I tried to shut it up with "but it's impossible and I can't do it!".

I know you know the end of this story - I sorted out all of the logistics and I created a deck of cards.

You may even remember that it took many many months of working in it, including re-doing the artwork for the cards five times.

It was a long road and I was so happy to finally bring that project to life.

But the deck of cards I created last year is not the deck of cards I wanted to create.

When I tried to create the deck of cards I wanted to create, that deck told me that this other deck, the journaling cards, had to come first.

So I created this whole deck of journaling cards to lay the foundation for this other?deck of cards.

And you know what? I didn't know why.

I just know that when I connected with the essence of my project that it told me to make the other deck first, so I did.

Partnering with the essence of your project is the best way to bring it to life.

It's not the most logical way, that's for sure.

But it works.

And now that my first deck of cards is done, making the second deck, the one I really wanted to make, is much simpler.

I'm coming at this project from a totally different vantage point now.

Now I can see why I needed to do that deck before I could do this deck.

Your dream knows how to grow itself.  Your project is an aspect of your dream.

For about twelve years, putting on a creativity workshop was another impossible dream of mine.

I wanted to do it so badly but just didn't know how. I mean where would it be and who would come and who was I to think I had anything to offer people anyway?

I just couldn't imagine standing in front of a room of people and knowing what to do to help them find the magic in creativity the way I had found it for myself.

I didn't trust my skills as a teacher yet. Which is good because I didn't have any skills back then.

But I had the dream and the dream led me to learn what I needed to learn and grow in the ways I needed to grow in order to bring that first project to life: my first creativity workshop.

Twelve years later my first creativity workshop finally happened in my living room. Two of my friends were the participants and we had a blast.

From there I kept learning, exploring and growing.

My last in-person creativity workshop happened in a church all lit up with beautiful stained glass, with 70 participants and a really amazing live band.

And I did it all with baby steps.

When you are connected to the essence of your dream, and listening to it and letting it guide you then it's easier to know which baby step to take.

Then the baby steps all string up together to become something bigger - your dream come true.

(When you're not coming from that deep connection to your dream then the baby steps you take may not all build on each other in the same way)

So what's your impossible project?

  • An art show?
  • A new blog?
  • A new facet of your creative business?
  • Finding a steady stream of clients for your coaching practice?
  • Teaching a new class or creating your first class?
  • Figuring out how to market your work in a way that feels authentic and generous?

No matter what your impossible project is, the process for bringing it to life is the same.

Your dream knows how to grow itself.

Your desire to do this thing comes from your soul - it's an aspect of your purpose and creativity brought to life. It's why you're here.

So working on your project connects you to all of that.

Bringing my projects to life has led me to where I am now: I have been helping people make their dreams real, as my full time job, for just over five years.

Putting your projects out into this world is a vital part of changing the world.

Which is why I started doing helper-people group coaching, to help others navigate the path so more of these impossible projects can come to life.

Because each project brought to life acts as a light that lights the way for others to bring their projects to life.

It's beautiful how we can support each other in that way.

The next session of this group coaching is starting next week (Monday, February 9, 2016).

We're going to gather together and help each other launch our projects out into the world.

These calls are for coaches, teachers, healers, therapists, artists - anyone who wants to put their projects?out into the world.

It's going to be amazing.

You'll start with a specific intention for what you want to do/learn/figure out/manifest during the month and, together, we'll dig in and make it happen.

I'm not going to promise that I can make the path easy or anything like that (I think it's hard for a reason - we'll get into that on these calls).

But I can help shine a light on the hard parts and help you navigate them with more ease and grace.

I can offer guidance, encouragement and ridiculous amounts of inspiration and motivation to take some big steps towards your dream this February.

We'll focus on two areas: helping you get better at helping people (grow your self/skills) and helping you help more people (grow your work/business).

This will be free for all Creative Dream Circle members.

So if you want to join us in launching your project - just join the Circle.

The calls will happen February 8, 15, 22, 19 (Mondays at 11am Central).

All calls will be recorded.  If you can't be on the calls live you can email me your questions and listen to my answers on the recording and participate in the online forum.

If you've got any questions about how this can help YOU, just send me an email using the contact form on this page.

Looking forward to this!


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