How to Not Freak Out About Money

Money seems to be the #1 problem for creative solo-preneurs, and the #1 barrier that keeps creatives from starting their own business.

Money isn’t about money.?

It’s about your inner relationship to your creative power, your ability to take care of yourself and create your world.? It’s about energy.? It’s about trusting the process of life.?

I’m sure you already know this.

The trick is to REMEMBER IT.

If money is about an inner relationship, then when money problems arise, you’ve got to go to that source to smooth them out.

Money problems are a sign that something in that inner relationship needs your attention.

Not making enough money in your creative business does NOT mean that you’re not good enough, or no one cares about what you have to offer.? It just means something needs to change.

You find out what needs to change by looking at what’s happening in that inner relationship.

This is hard to DO because of how SCARY money problems are.

Energetically it feels like your very survival is at stake when money problems arise.? And sometimes it is.

It can also hit some very painful self-esteem issues, it’s easy for personal worth and net worth to get all tangled up together.

Money issues often hit several emotional hot spots at once, which is what makes dealing with it so hard.

But when you get it right?? It is sooooo so so so so so so RIGHT.

Making the money you need for the life you want doing the things you love most?? THAT’S THE BEST.

Which is why it’s worth it to work on your inner relationship with money, even though it’s scary and hard.

My Creative With Money Kit leads you through the whole process of not just making friends with money, but building a creative soulful partnership with money (from the inside out) so you can work together to bring your dreams to life.

Obviously, that’s a big job.? And sometimes, because it’s such a big job, starting can be scary.

So, if you’re not quite ready for the full journey of getting?Creative With Money I thought I’d give you a simple way to simply START working on your relationship with money.

Hold a weekly (imaginary) meeting with money.

Nothing fancy – just a quick 5-10 minute check-in.

The thing that I say the most often to my clients is: This is going to get weird.? And the weirder it gets, the better it’s going to work.

Your creativity is GENIUS.

Your imagination is GENIUS.

Your brain is GENIUS.

You USE that genius by PLAYING with it.? So let’s play.

Hold an imaginary meeting with money.??

Imagine a table, with two chairs.? You’re sitting in one, money is sitting in the other.? You’re facing each other.

While you’re doing this don’t force anything.? Trust the imagery and ideas your amazing genius brain is bringing you.

Notice how money appears – big/small, nice/mean, clear/fuzzy… how money appears is full of clues about what’s going on in your inner relationship with money, and as you keep having your meeting, it will probably start to appear friendlier and more helpful over time.

Notice what kind of room you’re meeting in – it’s full of clues, too.? Notice how your meeting space changes over time (it will probably become lighter and more spacious).

Notice how easy or hard it is to talk to money.? Even if it’s hard, say hello.? See if you can get a conversation going.

The process of learning how to talk to money and partner with money in your inner world to bring your dreams to life is a long (and sometimes strange!) process.

When you hold these meetings – anything can happen.? Maybe money won’t stay in his seat, or he’ll refuse to talk to you.? Maybe you won’t know what to say.? Maybe you just won’t be able to understand each other.

The point is not to have the meeting go a certain way.? The point is to establish regular contact.

This way, when money problems come up, instead of freaking out you can hold an emergency meeting.

You can look for clues in how money appears and what’s happening in the room.

And you can meet money as an ally in finding a solution, rather than experiencing money as the problem.? <— That changes everything.

No matter what happens for you, if you keep holding meetings every week, and keep being as present as you can with the energy of money – things will start to shift.

  • You’ll start to see your patterns more clearly and you’ll know what to do to change them.
  • You’ll get brilliant ideas for ways to bring more money in, or to do more with what you already have.
  • As you become more present in your inner relationship with money, you’ll become more relaxed in your external relationship with money (suuuuuuch a relief!)

I know if you’re reading this, and have never tried anything like this before, you’re all WHAT?!? right now.

It can be tempting to believe that you’ll relax about money when you have more of it – so focusing on externals and GETTING MORE MONEY seems like the only solution, and having imaginary meetings seems ridiculous.

But, well, how’s that working for you so far?

Changing things on the outside rarely changes things on the inside.

If you read my blog you know all about my conversations with my inner critics and fears.? This is like that.

Shifting your internal patterns, one little bit at a time, by consciously interacting with them – with heaps and heaps of creativity and love.

This is the kind of thing that often requires a guide, when you’re starting out. And of course if you’re interested – I am happy to be that guide for you.? If you want help navigating this process, all my best advice/processes/tools for this are in the?Creative With Money Kit.

With the tools in the kit you’ll be well on your way to using your creativity, imagination and spirituality to develop a gorgeously abundant relationship with money – and a strong enough connection to weather any financial storms that come your way.

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