I am wiling to get uncomfortable in service to my dreams

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This is the mantra I got in this week’s Dream Book journaling + alchemy kit: I am willing to get uncomfortable in service to my dream.

Use the meditation for the weekly mantras to dig in deeper to the mantra, or put your hands on your heart and take five deep slow breaths and repeat to yourself:

I am willing to get uncomfortable in service to my dream

Notice where this lands in your body, what thoughts and feelings get sparked.

There is no right or wrong way to react. But your actual thoughts and feelings can tell you something about what you need right now.

My response: Ha ha HA!!!

I’ve now gone a whole week without internet in my home.

I used up my cell data before the internet was completely out, when it was just dropping a lot and I decided to tether my laptop to my phone for Zoom… ASSuming that I could just buy more data if I ran out.

The my internet stopped working completely and I found out that it’s some complicated thing that needs a technician who is backed up and I just have to wait my turn. Then I found out my phone plan doesn’t allow me to buy more data, I just get a $50 overage charge and it’s cut off until the next month.

Not a disaster or anything but definitely uncomfortable for a person who runs an internet business.

BUT I already go to coffee shops, or the park, in the mornings, and both places have wi-fi. My sister and parents volunteered their homes for doing Zooms call and any other item eI need wifi. I discovered the coffee shop next door to me doesn’t turn off their wifi when they close at night so I could walk over and check email standing on the sidewalk in the evenings. 

But I couldn’t be at home, and work the way I usually work. I did stuff and saved up my “needs wi-fi” tasks and then would go do them all at once.

And I couldn’t scroll. Or watch something on Netflix. And I discovered how much I’ve been using scrolling and Netflix to distract myself from my divorce.

So yes, my path has had some discomfort on it this week and this mantra makes me LAUGH.

Because I’ve been more focused on the opposite, letting my comfort matter.

Is it this way with every mantra? That we need to find the right BALANCE that works in the moment?

I’m already somewhat overwhelmed with the divorce and effort of re-building my life. I had really brutal week of whatcall the “Perimenopause monster PMS”.

And then suddenly I had this extra discomfort of not being able to do my work the way I am used to doing my work. 

And I was trying to keep up with the reels I’ve been posting on social media. I was sitting in the library, and Instagram was being weird, which it often is, but I couldn’t get my captions to display right and usually what I do in these cases is delete it and start over but I’m in a library and don’t want to keep talking to record it and everything felt too hard and I was like…


Just be with how you are. You are not in a place to put reels on Instagram every day. It doesn’t matter.

I was trying to hold myself accountable for my goals and was it just last week that I wrote this post about “don’t be an asshole to yourself in the name of accountability” and there I was kind of being an asshole to myself.

So yes I am willing to get uncomfortable in service to my dreams, in the ways that we do have to face the hard things…. AND...

I am willing to bring comfort into the process by whatever means I can access!

If that means slowing down and giving myself more time or making my steps smaller and less stressful or asking for help or… whatever means I can access!

This is so important on both sides. Avoiding the discomfort of the hard stuff does keep us stuck. But not tending to our tender selves in the process is destructive to all parts of us.

If you want to work on this with me:

If I am willing to get uncomfortable in service to my dream feels good and encouraging, hold it with you today. Look at problems, questions, stucks and obstacles through this lens and see what ideas it brings.

If it brings up some discomfort - that’s your stuff to work on today. To do that work, in the creative dream incubator coaching membership we’ve got the un-sticking station and the library of inner work practices. If you’re not sure what practice to use, you can email me, or post in our forum, let me know what’s going on and I will make some suggestions for tools you can use.

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I am wiling to get uncomfortable in service to my dreams

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