I got this

This is the mantra I got in this week’s Dream Book journaling + alchemy kit: I got this.


Feeling like “I got this” is something I’ve been working on but I still only have the teeny tiniest tenuous grasp on in.

So it felt like a bit of a slap in the face to get it as my mantra.

Even though I know the Creative Dream Incubator doesn’t hand out slaps in the face.

And this is actually an invitation deeper into the work I’ve been doing.

And that my reaction is MY REACTION and tells me a lot about MY NEEDS actually.

So. I got this.

Sitting with it, it feels less like a slap in the face and more like an arrow to the chest.

The deeper down in me I go, the more I know this is true. There are all these places in me where I am ROCK SOLID in believing this.

But on the surface there is so much anxiety and doubt and all these places where I am looking outside of me at evidence that I DON’t got it.

Interesting that the evidence that I DON’T got it is outside of me, because… is anything outside of me even relevant?

I mean yes I need to navigate the external world, the culture and systems we live in. The outer world places a ton of obstacles in my way. That’s relevant to my dream.

But none of that is relevant to whether or not I GOT IT.

That’s 100% inside me.

One of the ways peri-menopause impacts me is anxiety. Not that I’ve never had anxiety in my life before, but I haven’t had it LIKE THIS. And some months I skip my period and get a few solid weeks of SUPE SUPER HIGH ANXIETY and this sucks.

It’s harder for me to feel I GOT IT when my anxiety is bad.


I think anxiety is a natural response to the current state of the world. And LOADS of people have anxiety.

And I want ALL the anxious people to still work with their dreams.

Because our dreams are our medicine, healing and growth and we deserve these things always but especially when things are hard.

So - can I be anxious AND feel I GOT THIS?

Well, yes. That’s just what I described feeling in response to this mantra.

How do I move forward confidently and bravely AND anxiously?

I can really notice how the more inward-focused parts of me trust myself and it’s the outer-focused parts of me who are more freaked out.

I can take EXTRA GOOD CARE of myself. Remembering specifically how exercise helps my anxiety AND how I tend to want to move less while in a lot of anxiety so there is that place where I do need to be a little strict/insistent about exercise.

Give myself TIME for the inner work and dream work. Meditation, journaling and sitting with my feelings helps me be with ALL of my feelings, not just the anxiety on the surface.

Move at the pace that works for my anxious self. Like, having meetings with my most brave self and my most anxious self so they can learn to work TOGETHER. No one steamrolling the other.

Two of our upcoming Dream Book calls will help with this, too:

Letting your dream come to you instead of chasing after it

Creating Self Care Protocols to support yourself in being the version of you who can do your dream


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I got this