Looking back over the last few months of working with Intentions

I was looking through the intentions I have been setting on our last few new moon intention setting calls. (We do an intention setting every month right before the new moon in the Creative Dream Incubator Coaching Membership, or you can do this on your own with the New Moon Intention Setting Kit)

I started with intending for ____ to happen WITHIN THE NEXT MONTH.

It didn’t happen.

At the next call, after reflecting on how the month went, I decided to intend for ___ to happen. (No timeframe)

It didn’t happen and it felt kind of wishy washy and unsatisfying.

Then, the next call was frustrating for me. I went into it with no clue for what to do, and a lot of feelings about how badly this intention was going, but during the meditations and journaling I found my next intention:

I intended to TRUST that _____ is happening.

Ahhhh. Much better. Trust is a hard one, but over that month I worked on it and a few things shifted. My frustrations around not already having what I want started to soften.

The next month again I went into the call not knowing what I wanted to focus on, and during the meditation and journaling I found my next intention:

“I AM making this thing happen”

And it LANDED in my body in such a powerful way.

And I know that “we know” you “should always” frame intentions as I AM statements, frame them as positive and be confident that it’s already happened and yadda yadda yadda. I know that's "the rule" but I deliberately didn't make myself do that...

Because that shit doesn’t actually work most of the time.

What works is to BE IN your process with it.

What I shared here is FOUR new moon calls, so a three month time span.

And yes OMG how annoying that it took me THREE FREAKING MONTHS to land on the intention that really feels right.

But this is the work.

Sometimes it's easier for me. Sometimes it's harder. It depends on what you're working on and what's happening in your life.

Set the intention for what you want. Stay with it. Follow through. Be with what happens next. Process your feelings that come up. Listen to yourself. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. This is why we do the new moon calls the way we do, by repeating this process every month you WILL get there.

Our next New Moon call is July 3. If you don't have an intention you're working with right now you can do the June call now! It's never too late.

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Looking back over the last few months of working with Intentions

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