More about trying again and again

I wrote recently about being in that moment when you’re feeling like “I’ve tried this so many times already, why do I think I’ll succeed this time?” and how discouraging it is to try over and over and over.

I’m so lucky because I have the perspective of a creative dream coach, so I know that WE ALL go through this. So when I feel it, as hard as it is to feel, I know that it’s not just me, and it doesn’t mean anything about whether or not I will succeed.

So - I’ve been back at that place the last few days.

Which I know isn’t a sign that I have failed “too many times”.

It’s actually a sign that I am NOT in resistance, that I am not avoiding the hard stuff. I am staying with it, and learning what I can from it.

And also sometimes we really only need to feel our feelings to process them and move through them.

But in the case where you’ve been trying to do something and it’s not working - usually there is more to explore. Deeper inner work and shadow work can tell you more about why you’re not getting the results you want.

Like, maybe you need to just keep trying and learning as you do (this is how dreams work!)

OR maybe you need to make a change, and you can’t quite see it.

It’s hard to be able to listen clearly to our deepest inner truth, the part of us who DOES know how to do the things we feel called to do. This is why I teach that this must be an ongoing PRACTICE, because that makes that voice more accessible.

It’s just generally hard to hear that voice, but then when anything stressful is happening it gets even harder.

So, we’ve got to be patient. Keep finding ways to soothe all the discomfort that comes up, and keep showing up.

I have to say - I think I am in my own way right now.

I can’t see HOW. But this feeling of feeling stuck with this one thing is so FAMILIAR. And I’m like “Oh no I don’t want to be back here” so I want to run away from it.

I don’t share this stuff for empathy or to express my feelings.

I share it so that YOU feel less alone. Because I know, if you are genuinely going after the things you want, then you have these experiences too.

And I share it to say - you can feel this way and still get to where you want to be. And more importantly - you can USE these hard parts as FUEL and CLARITY.

That’s what they are here for.

Tools from the Dream Book membership that help:

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Taking The Inner Work Deeper (Shadow Work)

There are SO MANY WAYS to work with the hard parts. The only way to keep yourself stuck is to ignore your feelings.

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More about trying again and again