OK haha I see why this was so hard

Yesterday I was writing about how “interesting” it is that it’s been SO HARD for me to work with my Dream Book.

And then… I did it.

I opened my Dream Book, set to make a new Dream Page.

And I re-read the 1 Dream Pages I had in there.

And… oh wow yes I see why it was so hard for me to open this journal.

When my husband left me in September, and then my step-son suddenly developed a life-threatening illness and was in the hospital for almost 4 months… I created a new Dream Page.

It was my fall/winter “liminal space dreams”.

I was dreaming of finding my way through all of this. I did the Dream Lab and saw myself crying a lot all winter… and then in the spring my tears would melt, and there would be a river there which I could float away on, to my new life.

And re-visiting this page is like WHOA. I found my way through SO MUCH.

And I am SO PROUD of how I did it. I updated this page with how I feel now, where I am now, and all the things I am so proud of myself for. I journaled about things I have learned, the ways that a divorce kind of throws all of your stuff at you and leaves you with no choice but to work through it on your own.

And I journaled about all the ways that I feel like a different person now, even though I am not “through” this and I am sure things will keep changing. (The best advice I got about divorce is to remember that your perspective will change, radically and often. So don’t assume that anything you think is REALLY what you think.)

Anyway, WHOA.

Dreams do touch on all of our most vulnerable places.

And so sometimes we need that space to resist and avoid, because deep down that’s how we are preparing.

Because when I finally did open this up and start to work with it, it felt like the right time. I don’t think I was ready any sooner.

*** And as long as we keep SHOWING UP and doing what we CAN do (like how I was doing “creative dream practice things” but was also avoiding opening my Dream Book) we will find our way through.

People tell me sometimes that they come to live calls, or watch replays, but don’t look at the Dream Book lessons, and they feel kind of sheepish about it. But there isn’t a “right way” to do any of this.

There are a lot of “ways in” because there is no “one way in”.

Just keep showing up!

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OK haha I see why this was so hard

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