Starting is hard.

First, I thought I’d link to a video I did back in 2012 – the first ever Creative Dream TV video, which was about how Why It’s So Hard To Get Started And What To Do About It.

So last month we started Grow Your Depth, Nurture Your Brilliance in the Creative Dream Circle.? This is a totally different kind of class – not really a class at all actually, more like a sturdy container for growing your depth and nurturing your brilliance.

What I love about this is that the intention of GYDNYB encompasses so much.? It respects the beauty, magic and power of having inner and outer working together in harmony.? It’s open enough that each participant gets to decide for themselves what kinds of changes they want to make in themselves and their lives through this work (be careful what you wish for!).

It’s a beautiful thing.

But anything transformational is terrifying.

And this program specifically, with the intention of growing our depths, is especially terrifying.? You can’t control depth work, though you can learn to trust yourself so much that you become more comfortable navigating deeper into your own depths.

So fear of change kicks in.? Fear of success.? Fear of failure.

Fear of not knowing who you’re going to become – which is scary on so many levels it’s no wonder most people don’t do this kind of transformational work.

And even though you don’t know what’s going to happen, you can feel how once you begin this journey, you’re not going to be able to go back.

These are all valid reasons to be afraid to start a thing like this!

But, we started anyway.

And some people, especially people who’d been taking classes with me for a while, were able to jump in and start playing.

As you can see from what I shared from my process last week, I’ve been struggling with it.? I’ve been in resistance and also quite terrified at how quickly things are changing in exactly the ways I’d wanted them to change.

And some people have been really having a hard time getting started at all so I wanted to write something about that.

Having a hard time getting started is a part of getting started:? Struggling to begin is a valid way of beginning.? Sometimes that’s the only doorway in.

While now I can skate 5km along the river no problem and am skating further every day, it wasn’t that long ago that I wanted to just sit down on the ice and cry because I couldn’t get anywhere.

If you can stop judging yourself for not starting, and stop judging the thing for being too hard to start, then you can open up some space to be there in the beginning where things are just sometimes naturally hard.

It also helps you be more present with what’s actually happening, so you can discern why you are having trouble getting started: maybe this is the wrong thing for you, maybe it’s the wrong time or maybe it’s just hard because it means so damn much to you and so much is at stake that it really is fucking terrifying to even contemplate beginning.

When it comes to something transformational like GYDNYB it’s usually the last one, which means it’s really important to figure out how to navigate the awkward starting point. Because whatever reason you had for signing up, whatever change you wanted to create in your life through this program, means a lot to you.

When things mean a lot for you the stakes are raised and it’s natural for your fears to freak out and it’s really hard to see things clearly in the middle of a freak-out.

So, for Creative Dream Circle members what I suggest for this is what I always suggest: take it into the Un-Sticking Station.? You’ll find the gifts in the hard right here.

If you’re not in the circle, you can look at this post about owning your emotional reactions which can give some clues on how to take your power back to help you start whatever it is you want to start.

And please remember that just because it’s hard to start doesn’t mean you’re not going to get to wherever you want to go.

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