Coming out of the fog (Weekly Dream Status Report)

By Andrea Schroeder | December 9, 2022

My Dream Status Report:

PART ONE: (sometimes these can stay the same for months at time, sometimes they change often)

My dream is: BEING the artist + writer I want to be. This is the "big picture" dream - this includes lots of different inner + outer things, which I am working on clarifying in my new Dream Book.

I want it because: This feels so enticing and important.

When I have it I will feel: More in the flow, more creative and like... feeling fully expressed. Right now it's like I have sooo much TO express, I would like to feel more fully EXPRESSED.

My new moon intention for this month: VERY SPECIFIC business goal for the end of the year


PART TWO: Invite your dream in (using the Dream Lab practice from Dream Book) to help you with the rest of the prompts.

My dream shows up as... a rope in my hands. I can ease my way along the rope, one step at a time, and it does lead to my dream. But it's snowy, so the rope is buried, so I can only see the little bit that is right in front of me. The rope asks that I trust it.

So I ask "How do I know I have the rope in my hands?" and it said "By how it feels in your heart"

Just do the next thing that feels like magic.

Specifically it feels like this: I posted the New Year Journal Prompts on my Instagram yesterday. This morning I saw that that post got me some new followers - which is really rare for me. My photos don't get a lot of visibility on Instagram and I have accepted that. But when I saw that THIS photo was visible enough to bring new people in, I wondered - should I do more like this?

That is what NOT to do.

Posting the photo, sharing the prompts - that felt like magic. Trying to reverse engineer this to create more scenarios where the IG algorithm works in my favour in the teeniest way IS NOT MAGIC.

Not that those kinds of logistical, strategic things aren't ever good to do!

Just - that's not what the rope is telling me to do right now.

And I want to listen to the rope. And I want to trust my magic.

(Again, this is NOT general advice to ignore logistics - just where I am right now. Logistics have helped me a lot with my dreams, too!)

My dream is the rope. And my dream feels very connected to my New Moon Intention as well. Interesting, since a few weeks ago they felt at odds with each other. Now they feel connected, though it feels like the New Moon Intention will take longer that just until the New Moon, which feels fine.

I call in the Soul of my Business (another practice from Dream Book) to join us.

It snows up as a big being of energy and light... and it's holding the other end of the rope.

It feels really good and SOLID to see that other end, even though I still don't see what's between me and that end, as everything is buried under snow, it feels easier to trust the rope now.



Last week’s focus was: Nurture my creative flow.

What happened in the last week? Covid 🙁 Really just tons of resting. Doing what I can to keep up, but mostly not keeping up.

What am I learning/How do I feel about this? Maybe this was the ideal way to spend this week, resting and not doing... also having Covid now means I'm not that likely to get it over the holidays so I can start the new year feeling good. This year everything feels busier, though I did my Holiday Season Boundaries I need to look at all of that again, because I feel like things are getting too busy, even with only doing the things I want to do. Where can I simplify more?

What do I need now? Last winter I LOVED winter, how it felt like I had so much SPACE for myself. Quiet. Reflective. Right now I need that feeling back, I feel like the holiday season is starting to crash in on me. And that's not actually true - it's just that I need to get things organized. I want to see how it will all work, between our 3 holiday dinners (hosting 1, and bringing food to the other 2, and we're each cooking different things in a tiny kitchen so planning ahead is necessary). Yeah. WHAT I NEED is to plan it all out, and see on paper how there is time for everything.

What does my dream need now? The rope just shakes a little. Keep doing the next thing that feels like magic. In all honestly, right in this moment that is a nap. This reflecting and planning has tired me out. But yes - I want this to be my guiding light as I get back into the swing of things next week.

Taking all of this into account, my focus for the next week is: Do the next thing that feels like magic.

Boundaries for the Holiday Season

By Andrea Schroeder | December 8, 2022

(Photo of my journaling kit: zipper pouch + hardcover journal from the Creative Dream Incubator RedBubble shop)

We've been through so much these past few years and now the world is falling apart around us.

This is my mood and manifesto for the 2022 holiday season: do not let one single thing bring you down.

Hold boundaries. Say no. If it causes stress say "FUCK NO" and move on.

Your dreams are precious.

Your mental health is precious.

Your creativity is precious.

Your self care is precious.

What is your mood and manifesto for the 2023 holiday season?

Now that I am starting to feel better from Covid, and I am looking at my lists of things I wanted to do this month with my work and creative projects and in my social life... holy fuck it does feel like the holiday season is just CRASHING in on me.

So I am making lists and getting organized and also looking at: What are the boundaries I need to have in place, in order to have the December that I want?

(This is SUCH a valuable question to spend time with at this time of year)

My boundaries:

Between the pandemic, the general state of the world and my own experience with peri-menopause - I have anxiety now that I've never had before. I need to be more mindful of not over-extending myself and getting depleted + overwhelmed, because it happens so much more easily now.

I'm not going into a single store the whole month of December. Groceries will be click + collect. And my husband, who is as extraverted as I am introverted, and actually LIKES to go wander around in stores, can go get stuff if we need it beyond that.

I will not go to anything I don't want to go to, and the things I do go to - I will have a plan in place to go home early. (A plan that allows my party-loving husband to stay out late if he wants because he gets to have the holiday season he wants, too). Early bed times are rejuvenating to me and late bed times can actually ruin the whole next day for me. This plan needs to be in place ahead of time, otherwise it can feel too complicated to figure it out and I end up staying out later than is good for me.

"I will not go to anything I don't want to go to" means literally. I will risk disappointing people. AND I will plan ahead to manage my energy... like if I know I want to have dinner with my family for Christmas, then do I need to keep my schedule more free for a few days before, so I know I'll be well rested/regulated and have the energy?

I will stay hydrated and well nourished. I can eat anything I want at holiday parties. AND I will eat lots of veggies, whole foods and protein. I have a lot of fruits + veggies in the freezer to make quick smoothies, and protein powder.

Daily walks outside. No matter how cold it is - I have all the gear I need to do this safely + warmly.

Daily meditation. No exceptions.

Notice how I am feeling during screen time and stop when needed! This is one of the things that can deplete me very quickly.

Have a soothing creative project: I am starting an embroidery project that I am really excited about. I've done a whole bunch of test pieces and am ready to start - I am embroidering rainbow prisms, with an eyeball in front of them, all over my favourite linen dress.

Have some fun novels to read: I have 4 books waiting for me at the library right now that should be enough.

For if I do get depleted: Take Ashwaghanda right away (an adaptogen that is amazing for anxiety). Take CBD gummies when I'm ready for bed. (I am stocked up on both) Hot aromatherapy bath.

Which brings up a question: Where can I lower expectations in order to preserve my energy?

EG: house cleaning standards, getting more prepared foods and cooking less from scratch, putting things off until the new year.

Will keep thinking on that one.

Hello 2023! New Year Journal Prompts

By Andrea Schroeder | December 7, 2022

These New Year Journal Prompts are for reflecting on the year that passed, and using what you learn there to look ahead to the new year.

It's actually REALLY HARD to keep making new goals for the New Year if you're not taking the time to reflect on and learn from what happened with your plans for the year that is ending.

By taking some time to reflect on the year that has passed, you're gathering up the gifts and lessons so you can carry them with you into the new year.

These new year journal prompts also help you create some space for processing and healing the hard parts of the year that is ending, and getting clarity on what you want to let go of, to make space for what you want to receive in the new year.

I'm also doing all of this in a much deeper way in two separate calls: Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023. In Goodbye 2022 we'll do an alchemy circle for releasing everything that would hold us back from creating the new year we want. In Hello 2023 we'll do an alchemy circle for clarifying and blessing our dreams for new year. Both of these calls, and replays, are available to everyone who is a member of Dream Book - find out more + join us here.

New Year Journal Prompts Part 1: Looking back on the year that is ending:

What did you try with your dreams in 2022?  What worked?  What didn’t work?

What was amazing in 2022?

What are you most grateful for about 2022?

What did you do in 2022 that you’re proud of?

What did you learn/discover that you want to bring into 2023?

What was hard in 2022?

What do you want to leave behind in 2022?

How did your dreams grow in 2022?

How did YOU grow in 2022? What gifts and strengths do you have now that you didn’t have in 2021?

Is there anything you need to do to complete your year? Any unfinished business that you’d like to finish, and leave behind as you move into 2022?

New Year Journal Prompts Part 2: Looking forward to the new year:

Try to list 5-10 things (impossibly big or microscopically small or anything in between) you’d like to have happen in 2023, in each of these different parts of your life:

health * relationships * creativity * purpose/career * money * self-love/self-care * spirituality * happiness * adventure/play ***OR MAKE UP YOUR OWN CATEGORIES!***

I know that seems like a lot, but the act of listing TONS of things can really open up your sense of possibility and PLAY. So spend some time with this - I find it's best to leave this list out somewhere for a few weeks over the holidays, so I keep adding new things as I think of them.

When you're done, go back through your list and imagine how each of these things will make you happier in 2023. If there is anything on your list that won’t truly make you feel happier – cross it out.

Is 2023 a year to focus on One Big Dream or is there a bunch of stuff you want to do?  Either way, write out your Big Dream, or Bunch Of Dreams, for 2023.

Why do you want this?

How will you feel when you have it?

Do you already know how to make this dream real, or is this something you need to learn more about first?

What’s your plan for giving this dream what it needs to thrive in 2023?  Brainstorm 10 things you can try.

What do you want to STOP doing in 2023?  And what are some things you can you do to make that as easy as possible? How will not having these things in your life make you happier?

Then imagine yourself at the end of 2023.

(You might want to draw/collage/doodle an image of you from one year from now).

How are you different?  How did you grow?  What new strengths and skills do you have?  Does you-from-one-year-from-today have any messages or advice for you?

Want to go deeper?

We'll be doing this work together in the Goodbye 2022 Hello 20223 live (on Zoom) alchemy circles.

Goodbye 2022 is happening Dec 15. Hello 2023 is happening Jan 9 at 1:00 pm Central (North America). Replays are provided, with a comments section where you can share your ideas and ask questions as you watch the video.

These will be 90 minute Zoom calls where we do transformative alchemy meditations to bring all of this to life. There's lots of time for coaching, Q+A and having rich discussions about what we're ready to let go of and where we want our dreams to take us in the new year.

Both of these calls, and replays, are available to everyone who is a member of Dream Book - find out more + join us here.

Or binge on my FREE and ridiculously helpful journaling + meditation classes over the holidays ✨

If you're on my website there should be a sign-up form at the bottom of this page. Or go to this page.

I use Alchemy Wheels for making changes outside of my comfort zone.

By Andrea Schroeder | December 6, 2022

Joseph and I have Covid. I got the bivalent vaccine and he didn't, and he is much sicker than I am. But still, I am really worn out.

I do want to keep up with the daily posts just because I want to! But, of course, I may need to take a break. Luckily, when I am really "on" I tend to write a lot, so I have some posts ready to go for the next few days and then I'll see where I'm at. So I'm sharing this one about Alchemy Wheels which I wrote sometime last week and I DID start to work on them after writing this 🙂

And - the Marketing As A Creative + Spiritual Practice Call (inside Dream Book) is ON! I am really excited about our call today.

Last week my explorations led me to see: I need new Alchemy Wheels.

Alchemy Wheels are one of the practices I lean on the most for making changes that feel outside of my comfort zone. Many times I've felt super stuck and then realized Oh! I need new Alchemy Wheels! and it always feels magic, like out of no way a way was made.


It's one of the practices I RESIST the most. Precisely because of how clarifying and helpful it is.

You know we all teach the things I need the most. I created the Creative Dream Incubator because my dreams have always felt SO important me, like they've taken up a lot of space even long before I had any clue what to do with them AND my resistance and ambivalence has ALSO always taken up a lot of space.

I learned all of this because I had to. And I continue to need it. Again - it's like yoga. You don't stretch your back out once and then you're good for the rest of your life. AND the longer you practice, the more strong and flexible you get. The more you practice, the more you love AND NEED the practice.

So, that's why I am writing about the Alchemy Wheels today because I AM NOT DOING THEM. Is the embarrassment of saying I'd do a thing and then not doing it enough to get me to do it?

First I want to point out, the people who have been reading my daily posts since fall know this - I decided to start a new Dream Book this fall for my new dreams.

So far I have 2.5 pages.

Which means: I've been working on this for been several months and I have not completed the first WEEK of content from the Dream Book program.

Which is absolutely A SUCCESS.

I'm giving myself the time and space I need. This is perfect.

I have been doing the Dream Lab practice and other practices - it's not like I am not showing up for my dreams.

But the Dream Book itself is about creating a structure that brings CLARITY and MOMENTUM to your process.

And to truly do this you actually do need to let it take the time it takes.

So my resistance to doing these Alchemy Wheels (which are a thing you do at the end of the first month of content in the Dream Book program) IS partly my self doubt and fear and all that stuff that gets riled up with this work.

But it's MOSTLY about me doing this on MY timeline.

I've been unplugging from all of the ways our culture tells us to move fast and stay busy. So moving fast with my dreams doesn't feel right.

Finding my actual pace is a process.

This IS the work. Even though it looks like nothing is happening.

This IS THE WORK. Repeating that for the voices in me that are still feeling like I am moving too slow even though everything I just wrote feels so TRUE.

And yes, I am going to go START my Alchemy Wheels now. I am not going to use the cutouts (which you can print out and glue into your journal so you have the wheels there, with some ideas already on the, and keep filling them in) I want to do this old school. Drawing in my journal. Adding colour. Giving myself space to BE WITH this process of clarifying and defining my next moves.

Live call tomorrow: Marketing As A Creative And Spiritual Practice

By Andrea Schroeder | December 5, 2022

(This is a monthly call that is open to everyone in Dream Book - you can join us here. Once you have your login info, go to the "zoom calls" section of the menu on the website to get the call details. Or shoot me an email and I will send it to you.)

You know that your gifts are needed.


It's so easy to be conflicted about offering them. There are SO MANY external and internal things to work through.

And that's why I think making it A PRACTICE is essential. This is NOT a thing we can just "figure out" and then be done.

And I think making it a SPIRITUAL practice is essential because offering your work to the world is a sacred thing. And the relationships you get into with your clients is sacred. So let's honour this truth in ALL aspects of how we practice marketing.

And I think making this a CREATIVE practice is essential because that makes it more engaging and also when you follow inspiration you get in tune with your creative genius, and your creative genius definitely knows how to meet your marketing goals in ways that work with your values AND are fun for you to do.

And when you bring that all together - and practice it - you create your unique way of reaching the people that your work is meant for.

When this idea came to me it felt so important. Like - yes this is a difficult economy to do business in.

AND/BUT/BECAUSE so many of the "things that used to work" aren't working as well - this is the perfect time to drop some of those rules and get more deeply rooted in your own inner knowing and unique ways of doing things.

Marketing is not rocket science. It's about connecting with the people that your work is for. You know how to do this.

Yes, parts of it are UNCOMFORTABLE (though not IMPOSSIBLE). But other parts of it are sooooo satisfying, fun and creative!

I am LOVING these calls and am so excited to see where we all go as we explore this.

This is our second call in this series. In the first call I shared one practice for exploring this and then we had THE BEST discussion about all of it. (I do suggest making time to watch that one if you haven't yet)

In the call tomorrow we'll do that practice together again and then I want to offer 2 ideas: a practice for bringing intention and power to how you put yourself out there and a bit of a challenge to look at how you can practice being more VISIBLE over the next month.

BUT these are YOUR gifts and YOUR WAY is the only best way. So - whatever has been coming up for you as you've been practicing is an important thing to keep exploring.

I'll share a different them, idea, or practice at each call but I'll always encourage everyone to put their own spin on it.

And we'll have loads of time for discussion - that's always the best part!

Hope to see you there!

The Internal Conflict Resolved (Dream Status Report)

By Andrea Schroeder | December 2, 2022

Every Friday I do a Dream Status Report. These help me reflect on the past week so I can LEARN from my process, and apply what I learn to the next week. Setting intentions for the week is fun, but reflecting on how you held that intention at the end of the week is a much more powerful practice.


PART ONE: (sometimes these can stay the same for months at time, sometimes they change often)

My dream is: BEING the artist + writer I want to be. This is the "big picture" dream - this includes lots of different inner + outer things, which I am working on clarifying in my new Dream Book.

I want it because: Staying where I am feels like staying stuck + this feels so enticing and important.

When I have it I will feel: More in the flow, more creative and like... feeling fully expressed. Right now it's like I have sooo much TO express, I would like to feel more fully EXPRESSED.

My new moon intention for this month: VERY SPECIFIC business goal for the end of the year


PART TWO: Invite your dream in (using the Dream Lab practice) to help you with the rest of the prompts.

My dream shows up as... it's an embroidery pattern I was working on yesterday. An eyeball with a triangle behind it, and the triangle is a rainbow. (I knew I wanted to embroidery eye symbols on a dress and yesterday I started drawing and embroidering some practice eyes, and then I added the rainbow triangle and I am really liking it)

So, my dream showed up as the embroidery like it's alive. And it's soooo sweet. Like it feels like my creativity brought to life and I want to cry with happiness seeing it.

Since I am also working on holding onto my new moon intention more firmly this month, and since last week it butted in on this meeting with my dream (that's there the "business bitch" came from) this week I thought I would invite it in.

My new moon intention shows up as embroidery scarabs. I just looked it up - I am using the book Mystical Stitches for my embroidery (soooo good!) and I knew I had seen scarabs in there and sure enough, she says they are "a great symbol for birthing new projects you have been working diligently on"

The scarabs, which immediately felt, to me, like a symbol of abundance, are crawling around on the floor pretty fast. They seem energized by the eye/rainbow triangle.

This is a WHOLE different relationship between the part of me who wants to be creative/happy/free/expressed and the part of me who does have specific business goals.

I am thinking back to last week's meeting between the Dream Fairy and the Business Bitch and I don't feel any of that here. There is no pushing against or arguing, this feels like a peaceful relationship where everyone can co-exist and even support each other.

NOT that it feels like this inner conflict has been FOREVER RESOLVED for me, but today it feels good.

Something worked it's way out by me giving this space last week, even if I don't understand in a logical way what happened.

I sit with this meditation a little longer and it's like - the rainbow beaming from the eyeball is like the sun shining down on the scarabs. Energizing them.

I mean that's so obvious, right?

Me being the artist + writer I want to be, me feeling expressed and in the flow - of course this is the "light" that lights up the marketing work. And I just cringed a little writing "marketing work" because that's not how it feels at all.

I am SO GRATEFUL for the Marketing as a Creative + Spiritual Practice Calls.

(These calls are happening every month in Dream Book - the next one is Dec 7)

Even just having the intention to keep doing a monthly call keeps me focused on this.

What it feels like is happening for me is that the three parts: marketing, creativity, spirituality, are each their own thing (I visualize them as circles) and then the overlap and ideally I'd like to be working from the centre of all three overlapping. AND understanding that each day I'm likely leaning more towards one of them.

In that, I am noticing how I have been making the creativity and spirituality parts more important, and leaning into them more deeply... and I DO want (and need!) to lean into them deeply but in a way that doesn't discount the marketing aspect.

It really is something to hold the "this is a PRACTICE and I am focused on honouring + following my thoughts, feelings, ideas, experimenting, etc and practicing without pressure" and also "this is a practice around marketing and I do have goals and my goals are important too!".

Reflecting on this, what feels important for me right now is to integrate these in a way I haven't done before.

In one sense - of course this is all integrated because it's all a part of your work. And in another sense, for me, it's like I have been treating these as separate things. Of course my practices INFORMS and NOURISHES what happens in my marketing but there is a totally different relationship and type of connection that I would like to have between the two.

So, what I got from this meditation with the scarabs is that I need to let my goals matter more. This feels really nourishing.



Last week’s focus was: Sit with the question: how do we hold this goal FIRMLY but not with PRESSURE? And bring in the HAPPY FAIRY VIBES.

What happened in the last week? LOTS of sitting with the question. And I did find one answer - you don't HOLD it! You BE it! Which just has a different feeling and approach. And so I was looking at how to BE the artist and writer I want to be..

And that's why I started the embroidery project this week.

That photos is from May, that's my first embroidery experiment, which taught me A LOT! And I meant to keep going, but I didn't. And having all these embroidered me-made clothes feels like an important part of BEING my dream, but also the work of MAKING the clothes feels like part of it, engaging my creativity in that way.

I also went for a 1 hour walk each day, had fun cooking, I'm feeling really good and taking really good care of me. I am SO HAPPY IT'S DECEMBER. I am SO READY for winter, for quiet-inward focus.

What am I learning/How do I feel about this? I feel REALLY EXCITED about all of this, making space to become the artist + writer I want to be.

What do I need now? More quiet. I love how in winter it feels like the world kind of moves further away and I have more space for ME.

What does my dream need now? I see the embroidery there - and a needle appears. I need to keep CREATING.

Taking all of this into account, my focus for the next week is: Nurture my creative flow.


PS: Remember: Yikes! The I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings practice is free to access until Dec 5.

Painting My Feelings

By Andrea Schroeder | December 1, 2022

Remember: Yikes! The I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings practice is free to access until Dec 5.

These are practices like yoga is a practice.

You don't do yoga once, and then three years later wonder why your back is stiff is stiff when you "did yoga" to stretch it out.

This is why I offer so many different practices, so that you can find the one that works on any given day.

As you repeat them, listen to your own intuition and creativity and you'll find your own ways of working with them.

While I was doing the Yikes! I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings meditation I wanted to draw it out instead of fill in the journaling sheet, so I did.

(see photo above)

I love doing this. Creating a visual representation of the feelings helps me see them from a different perspective. And as you can see - no art skills needed! This is NOT about making art that looks like something, it's about being with your feelings in the moment. Giving them colours and shapes.

Once I was done, it was depressing to see how far away I was from the "happy fairy vibes" that I was going for this week.

And then I realised - actually I need a nap.

And then my Dream Self (from another practice we do in Dream Book) came in and whispered "You are doing great. Keep going." and I FELT IT.

We all feel feelings sometimes! It's ok!

Such a relief.

Not being able to hold the dream

By Andrea Schroeder | November 30, 2022

(Journaling cutout from Dream Book)

I was doing the Dream Lab practice to meet with the soul of my dream and I couldn't hold it.

This is the basic practice I teach for Dream Work, I have done it daily for YEARS and today... I couldn't get into it.

As I tried, it felt like a wave went through me, all of the liquids in my body flowed to my feet.

What the heck? It felt like my body was at risk for a tsumani.

Why is it so hard for me to hold this dream?

This isn't usually a helpful kind of question. But it feels like the question I have right now.

This question likely can't lead to any helpful information for what to DO next but it could lead to more information about the inner work I need to do.

So: Why is it so hard for me to hold this dream?

Now I feel this uncomfortable sensation in my throat.

And I want to hide. Like I feel this strong burning desire to pull blankets over me.

My ear starts to hurt.

Everything feels foggy and dense. No answers anywhere.

See what I mean about this not being a helpful question?

OK let's try - what would help me be able to hold it?

Then my Dream Self (from another Dream Work practice we use in Dream Book) intervenes. "Honey, stop asking questions. BE WITH the process AS IT IS"

Oh, right.

However I am holding my dream right now is how I am holding my dream. I can only get "better" at it by practicing.


Holding it more firmly is NOT better.


I have a lot of ambivalence. This is how it's showing up today.

I ask the happy fairy and the business bitch to join me.

I want to ask the happy fairy how she can hold the dream so well but then I see - she's not HOLDING it. She's BEING it. She's dancing and not thinking about any of this.

So I look over at the business bitch. She's sitting on the floor looking at spreadsheets. She's got a snack and she looks really happy.

They are both doing what they want to do.

So what am I doing?

Now my dream is a light in a jar sitting in front of me.

I am working through my shit.

I am staying clear about what I want next even when I have no clue how to get it and thinking about it stirs up A LOT of crap.

And then the answer comes and I now I know what to do next:

I need a new set of Alchemy Wheels - another practice from Dream Book, this one bridges Dream Work with Inner Work and Outer Work.

So that's what I'll do next.

What to do with that thing I learned about how to hold my dream…

By Andrea Schroeder | November 29, 2022

Dream Book

(Journaling cutout from Dream Book)

I want to keep exploring that bit from last week’s Dream Status Report about the “happy fairy” and “business bitch”

They want different things AND there has got to be a way for them to work together.

This feels juicy right now. (Always look deeper into the things that feel the most energized for you - the things that feel juicy and exciting AND the things that feel terrifying)

Happy Fairy wants:

- JOY and FLOW! Painting and meditation and time for sewing and embroidery and maybe exploring new crafts. Going for long walks. Going out for coffee. Cooking. Aromatherapy. I mean she could go on forever, the shortest way to say it is MAKE MORE TIME FOR ALL THE THING THAT BRING JOY
- The business goal! Yes she wants to HAVE it but she doesn’t want to do the things she doesn’t want to do to get it.
- But yes she is willing to explore NEW ways as long as they are aligned with VALUES and JOY

Business Bitch wants:

- Spreadsheets! Organization! Plans! To see what we are doing and see how we are progressing. (Though even as I write this my tummy gets all uncomfortable and wants to say: but I want to FEEL FREE and not tie myself down with business plans)
- For me to STAY ON SCHEDULE. I’m not entirely sure what this means, but it feels important to her.
- Then she sits down and looks right at me, very intense eye contact, and says “I want to succeed so everyone is safe and happy.” OK whoa this is not a dream, this is a trauma response so that’s something to explore.
- She looks at Happy Fairy’s list and says “Yeah that’s ok BUT SAFETY FIRST. We have to KNOW that we are safe and secure in reaching the goal BEFORE we can play.”

This is good. Now I can see more clearly what conflicts need to be addressed:

Happy Fairy really is connected my values and my inner truth. She does not seem to be concerned with the realities of life on earth. She feels I should be more respectful of the power of TRUST.

The Business Bitch us VERY concerned with the realities of life on earth. She is in a trauma response, she wants to create safety and certainty in an unsafe and uncertain world. She doesn’t believe it’s safe to have joy and freedom and creative flow without earning it first, and she seems to think this must be re-earned every day.

Like - ideally we don’t need to earn these things at all! BUT even if we did have to earn then - haven’t I earned them already? I have worked very hard for a long time.

OK this feels like enough to explore for today.

Awareness DOES shift things.

It’s not usually ALL you need. But it’s a big step.

And this feels like enough for today. I’ll let it simmer and check back in in a few days.

A new practice for when you have A LOT of feelings.

By Andrea Schroeder | November 28, 2022

I made a new Creative Dream Alchemy Practice called Yikes! I am having a lot of feelings! and I am going to share it with you for 1 week only.

It's at the bottom of this post. First I want to explain a bit so you have a context for the practice.

Creative Dreaming is BRAVE work and you can’t really do it if you’re disregulated. And yet we ALL get disregulated sometimes.

Also - Creative Dreaming has a tendency to DIG UP feelings and make you feel EVEN MORE disregulated, so these kinds of practices are vital.

This practice is for the Inner Work section of the Library of Creative Dream Alchemy. I decided to share it out here on my blog, for one week (until Monday, December 5).

Creative Dream Alchemy is the magic that powers all of my work. It’s the art and magic of using what you have to create what you want.

And it’s a way of navigating the path between where you are where you want to be, using your dream as a North Star.

This are three main aspects to this work: Dream Work, Inner Work and Outer Work.

Dream Work is the inner growth and alignment. Getting clarity about what the dream is. Understanding who are you becoming as you move towards it. Learning to PARTNER with your dream as you become your future self.

Inner work is the inner healing work. Your dream will generally ask you to face the things you least want to face because these are the things that need to be addressed in order for you to move forward.

Outer Work is where you make plans and follow through on them. It’s all the things you do to make your dream a real and tangible thing in your life.

Generally - the Outer Work is impossible if you’re not doing the Dream Work and Inner Work.

The obstacles you face in the outer world are REAL… AND… your inner genius and power are real too, and big enough to overcome them IF you are showing up for the inner healing and growth that your dream needs from you.

So when these three “works” are all done together they fuel and power each other.

The Library of Creative Dream Alchemy has a section for each, with quick practices (like the one I am sharing here) and in-depth courses. This is available to all members of Dream Book.

(The Yikes! I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings practice was available here for 1 week and is now currently only available inside Dream Book)


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