30 Day Creative Journal Challenge

This post, and the whole 30 day journal challenge, is a part of my free art journal class.

30 day creative journal challenge

Here it is, my challenge to myself:

To Creative Journal every day for the next 30 days (that part is not a challenge!) and to share the stories of what’s happening in my journals here, every day (ahhh… challenge).

I am recording a video every day, and posting it here the next morning, sharing the stories, insights + magic that came from my art journal that day.

You do NOT need to do your own 30 day journal challenge!

Do what you can – it’s not always helpful to push yourself with this kind of work.

From my mapping journal today:

creative journaling

In the video I talked about connecting to the essence of my dream and how that helped dispel the hard-feeling parts.? This always helps dispel the hard parts!

If you’ve got the Creative Dream Incubator: Use the meditation + prompts in Module 2 for connecting with the essence of your dream.? You can do this over and over again, each time you’ll learn something new about your dream, or about your relationship to your dream.

If you’re in the Creative Dream Circle: use the Crazy Smart Wisdom Council to connect with the essence of your dream.? Same goes for doing this over and over again.? And you can use the private Dream Journals space there to share your journaling in a supportive + encouraging atmosphere, if you like.

If you don’t have any of my kits: check out?Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True.? That class is super helpful and totally free.

The more time you spend connecting to the essence of your dream, the easier it is to bring it to life.

30 Day Creative Journal Challenge