Creative Self Care Challenge: April 29 - May 3 on Instagram


Each day (April 29 - May 3) I'll post a Creative Self-Care prompt on Instagram to help you explore how to nurture and boost your creative energy.

You can participate on your own, or you can join the community on Instagram where you can comment on the daily posts or even create and post your own artwork and photos inspired by the prompts. I'll be there in the comments section each day to help you brainstorm ideas and cheer you on.

If you create your own artwork in response to the...

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Online marketing with creativity + integrity in the age of the "boss babe" sleaze-o-rama.


Over the last 2 years, I have been working hard on re-thinking my work and creating a whole new framework for how I help creative people make their dreams real. 

This kind of re-imagining takes a LOT of energy. So, for the last 2 years, I have had to pull back on other parts of my business. Most notably: marketing.

Whatever your dream is, there are some parts of it that you LOVE to work on and some parts that you don't love. And, whatever your dream is, your dream NEEDS YOU to...

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On calling myself a WRITER even though my Inner Critic thinks this is ridiculous


Since that blog post about Show Up. Tell The Truth I have been thinking about this thing I've got where I can't claim the title of WRITER for myself.

I make art for ME. Most of the art I make I never share. Even when I do share it, it's usually not because I want to share the art itself, it's more about sharing the inspiration behind the art.

And yet I easily claim the title of ARTIST.

I write for myself in my journal all the time. I can claim the title of journaler.

Writing, like the kind...

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Show up. Tell the truth.


I struggle to call myself a writer.

This is especially interesting considering the fact that I have made my living for the last 8.5 years primarily though writing.

I have a huge inner critic about it who says: Who am I to say I am a writer? There is this sense that there is something beyond the fact that I write that needs to happen before I can call myself a writer.

And yet I'm a gardener because I had a garden. Even in the times when I was a super lazy gardener and the weeds were...

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YOU have the power to stop procrastinating!



The Emergency Kit for Artists + Dreamers includes a CURE for PROCRASTINATION.

This is what happened for Jenifer, who was procrastinating about getting a handmade scarf posted to her Etsy shop:

"I watched the Procrastination Cure video and did the journaling exercises last weekend; I had been procrastinating for weeks about taking pictures of a scarf I finished and posting it on Etsy.

As I watched the video and did the journaling, I felt a sense of ease and clarity, the feeling...

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