Creative introverting season is coming! Be prepared :)

 creative introverting

The Art Bundle for Good sale starts today and ends on Nov 18 - and you can get over $4000 worth of art e-courses for $97 (!)

The timing is perfect! 

As we head into winter - the ultimate season for creative introverting - this is the perfect time to stock up on creative art classes that you can work through at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.


I have been doing some big time Creative Introverting for the last while.

I am creating the most...

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From my journal this morning, a conversation with panic.

Why are you panicking right now?

Why are you panicking right now?

Because I don’t know how to do this! Any of it! OMG! I have to do it but I don’t know how!

Ok. Wow that’s hard. Is it ok if I ask you to take a few deep breaths with me?

Yeah I guess so, I don’t know what else to do.

[deep breaths]

How do you feel now?

A bit better, like there is some space between me and the panic.

Oh that’s great!

Except I do have to get to work which means going close to it again.

Oh, that’s interesting...

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It's easy for me to have what I want

Settle deeper into the creative power of your soul and learn to live there

This is one of those classic new age affirmations:

It's easy for me to ___ (fill in the blank with something specific) ___

And the idea is that you're supposed to repeat it to yourself until you believe it. You're supposed to CHANGE your belief that it's hard to have your dream.

It's NOT that hard to change a belief. Beliefs are just thoughts we think so often they become weightier in your unconscious. There are lots of tools for changing beliefs, for creating a belief system that makes...

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What happened yesterday

Dream Plan Kit

I'm sitting here, feeling inspired and creative and powerful and ready to take action... and I realized that I have no clue WHAT action to take to meet my goal.

As the creative/inspired energy clashes with the overwhelm of not knowing what to do everything gets foggy and I just want to take a nap. But when I listen to what my most powerful self is saying, it's clear: I just need a plan.

But I don't know HOW to make a plan. I have NO clue how to reach my goal.

So I printed out the "I have a...

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What if today is the perfect day to start?


Centered Grounded Present is a 3 week meditation and journaling program.

It's everything I want right now... So of course I have been avoiding it with everything I've got.

I keep telling myself that I am TOTALLY going to do this, but today is just not the right day to start.

But the truth is, I am afraid at what may happen if I slow down a little and explored the qualities of being more centered, grounded and present. I'm afraid of what I might learn about myself or my dream.


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As we approach a brand new decade, I've been thinking back to 2010, when I was getting ready to leave my office job to pursue my dream full time.

I am willing to change

It was such a transformative time for me. Leaving my job was about claiming my truth. I wanted to live creative and free.

But freedom... isn't free. It took a lot of work to develop the kind of rock-solid trust in myself that I've needed to have to navigate these last nine years. 

And I've been taking it for granted.

It's easy to take things for granted when they're always there for you. And I forgot how hard I worked to get this trust in myself and this ability to act BRAVELY...

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