I was wrong. Maybe you are too?

Shortly after I moved into the Dream Loft (7 years ago!), my sister gave me a ZZ plant. It was this big gorgeous thing, and the Dream Loft is a bit of a plant haven - with HUGE south windows and normal north windows on both floors and the open-ness between floors and no interior walls except around the bathroom - there's this beautiful light everywhere that is really good for living things.

Plus I have a wicked humidifier I use all winter because I want to feel like I live in a...

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I celebrated nine years in business with the Creative Dream Incubator by buying a rainbow rug.


It makes me happy, it makes the whole loft feel happier. And, in a big space full of clashing patterns, it's somehow the pattern that brings all the clashing patterns together.

Five years ago I would be sharing this photo, writing this and being all "LOOK EVERYONE ISN'T THIS SUPER CUTE? WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WAY TO CELEBRATE THIS MILESTONE!!"

But today I felt conflicted about it.

With everything I have been learning about climate change recently, I understand the impact of buying so many cute...

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Do you set New Years' Resolutions and then struggle to follow through?


New Year Journaling

It can be SO hard to keep making new resolutions or goals or picking a word of the year each year, especially when you have a history of not following through. 

There comes a point where it's like - why even bother? Nothing ever changes anyway.

Except your dreams don't go away. Your dreams are your soul calling you towards your true self, your purpose and your most authentic way of living.

Your dreams are going to keep calling you and you're going to keep bumping up against this...

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Let's Take This To The Next Level


The first thing we do in Dream Book is put a Table of Contents into your journal.

This helps create the container for deeper work to happen.

It doesn't matter if you're brand new to this work or you've been doing it for 40 years -there's always a Next Level.  You're always being called in deeper.

And almost everyone resists that Next Level Work.

So it's pretty common to have an insight while journaling, to understand what you're being called to next, and then to just... let it go and...

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Stepping through the portal.


Dream Book starts tomorrow. 

This is a big deal for me because this class is the culmination of 12 years of teaching about the inner work and outer work of pursuing your dreams. It's everything brought into one simple, flexible, GENIUS system for navigating the healing and growth that your dreams are calling you towards.

For me, Dream Book is a portal. 

It's me stepping into my next level of who I want to be and how I want to live and how I want to work. It's a whole new way...

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I don't want to lose myself this holiday season

PIC: Dream Book journaling kit

(Photo from my Dream Book - all of the drawings are cutouts from the Journaling + Alchemy Kit you get in week 1. You get a new kit *every week* to keep you journaling + magic-ing your way towards your dream.)

I thrive on routine.

During the holi-daze I lose my routines and, even though I am having fun, I start to feel discombobulated. The extra sweet treats and rich meals and late nights don't help either.

This year I'm trying something different.

I'm bringing a simple routine with...

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