Daily Journal Prompt

Yesterday I wrote that I wanted to start experimenting with posting daily journal prompts.

It turns out to be a little more complicated than I thought, to get them from Instagram to my blog, and not something I’ll be able to do every day.

So from now on – you can find the daily journal prompts on Instagram and Facebook.

Here is the one I posted today:

Today’s Journaling Prompt: What do you want more of? Feel into the places where you already have aspects of what you want – no matter how tiny they are right now. How can you give them space to grow?

(Get your own journaling cards here


What are you resisting?

I know you’ve got obstacles in your way (like a lack of time, money or support) as well as places that trip you up (like self-doubt, procrastination and fear).

But you’re a creative genius so those things are all figure-out-able.

In fact – facing and transforming the obstacles is, quite literally, how you create the path.

So if facing and transforming the obstacles is how you create the path then having obstacles is good because it gives you something to work with – raw material for building bricks for your yellow brick road.

So the obstacles are not what’s holding you back.

The thing that holds you back is your resistance to facing the obstacles.

Resistance is a sticky/tricky thing to work with.  It can show up in a LOT of different ways, for example:

  • being too busy for the things that matter to you
  • boredom
  • procrastination
  • deciding that your dream is impossible
  • waiting for “the right time”
  • a popular way for women is to be too busy taking care of everyone else to have any time or energy left for your own dreams and then feeling like you HAD to do all of that
  • going along with what other people want you to do instead of making time for your dreams
  • avoidance patterns, for example: over-spending and then getting so stressed out about money you have no energy to focus on your dreams

That is from an in-depth article I wrote about how resistance works.

Just yesterday morning, I resisted:

  • making time for journaling
  • making myself a healthy lunch
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • facing an uncomfortable feeling I was having about a project I’m working on

Resistance is a pretty constant companion on the creative path.


Which is good! Because it shows up with gifts.

Lessons. Healing. Insights. Miracles.

Resistance brings the BEST gifts.

(Wondering what I mean by that? On Monday I blogged about a healing I received from my resistance)


And learning how to cultivate the gifts of resistance is not as tricky as it seems.

Next Tuesday, August 23, my friend Chris Zydel and I will lead you through the whole process.

Resistance Rx is an experiential online class where, together, we transform your resistance into CREATIVE MOMENTUM.

This is some of my favourite work ever.

You can enter to win a free spot in Resistance Rx.

Or reserve your spot now for $37 (then if you win the contest we’ll refund your money).


Transforming Resistance is really the thing that frees your dream.

And it frees you to pursue your creative dreams with everything you’ve got.

Wishing you wild creative momentum,

Win a spot in Resistance Rx!

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Resistance and Creativity. Two mighty forces that constantly dance and bob and weave around each other as we expand our way into greater creative aliveness and wholeness.

And learning to successfully navigate the challenging and often rocky waters of resistance is essential in making our creative dreams come true.

So my Super Badass Creative Magic compadre Chris Zydel and I have cooked up a day long online playdate we’re calling Resistance RX: Magic Mojo For Mucho Creative Momentum.

Here we are in Oakland, California last Spring on the morning of the first Resistance Rx:


Next Tuesday, August 23rd you can join us and a wondrous international creative community for an experiential journey into the heart of your resistance where you will gain many cool tools and skills for transforming resistance into gorgeous creative magic.

Chris and I will be streaming live right into your living room (or wherever else you want to watch from).  So you’ll watch us on your computer and you’ll be able to type questions to us (you don’t have to appear on video).

You can attend live or watch the videos later on.

Time: Tuesday, August 23 at 11am Pacific (this is 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern) for four hours.

Plus you’ll get a Resistance Guided Journal + Colouring Book to help you keep exploring after we’re done.  And you can join our Facebook group to connect with other Resistance Rx-ers.

Tickets cost: $37 USD

Find out more about the program (on Chris’ website) and reserve your spot.

Monday morning in my journal: Finding miracles in the places where I get stuck


This morning I woke up with a small case of “the Mondays”.  I wished it was Sunday.

Which is weird because Mondays are my favourite day.

For 2016 I promised myself that I would spend every Monday morning doing an extra-long Creative Genius Planning Session.  Connecting with the heart and soul of: my dreams, my intuition and whatever qualities I wanted to invite in and then journaling, exploring and planning from that connection.

My other promise to myself was that I would keep going all year – pedal to the metal for all of 2016.

I use pedal to the metal kind of ironically because it makes me laugh. I am a slow mover and I want to keep moving slow – it’s just that I want to KEEP moving slow. So this promise is really about holding the quality of steady momentum all year.

This was a big struggle in the first few months of the year as I got used to holding this new intention.

Then I got used to it.

Now it’s a struggle again.

Typing something out and trying to make it make sense for other people reading it is actually a super-genius way of making sense of things for yourself.

That’s why I do a weekly update in the Creative Dream Circle and invite all the members to do it with me – that weekly practice works wonders to keep me on track on a path that is always shifting and changing under my feet.

And that’s why I’m here right now.

Maybe if I try to explain to you where I am, that will help me know where I am and what I need.

I’m stuck.

I don’t want to push myself to get to work.  I know my best work doesn’t come from that place.

I want to explore why I don’t want to get to work with the hopes of shifting something and re-connecting with my inspiration and creative flow.

(Which is actually exactly the process that Chris Zydel and I will lead you through in next week’s Resistance Rx. Though I’m not here to talk about that right now so if you want to you can find out more about that here.)

Normally I would just talk to my fear/resistance but this morning’s stuck feels more complex than that.

I need to talk to my stuck and also talk to momentum (intention for the year), expansion (outcome of expansion) and opening (my inner process of allowing expansion).

So let’s call this meeting to order.

  • Stuck: GIANT smooth rock with sharp edges, hovering over everything – like big enough to block out the whole sky around us
  • Momentum: a cart on a track, it feels a little scary even though I know that this has been my friend and ally
  • Expansion: eagle flying overhead (so I can’t actually see it right now with that rock in the way but I do know it’s there)
  • Opening: a cave with a glowing red heart inside

So I’m going to start by going into the cave.

The red glowing heart is floating in the center, I sit down.  The eagle, the cart and the rock (all smaller versions of themselves) join me in a circle around the heart.

We sit quietly for a while, just acclimating to being here together.

Cart: You see me as being all rickety and un-trustworthy.  I need you to trust me. I am smooth and stable. I am support.

Really? Momentum as support? I have never experienced that.

Cart: It’s these sharp rocks on the track – they are what creates that uncomfortable feeling that you associate with me.

Hmmm, OK I didn’t notice those before.

Cart: No you didn’t. That’s why I grew them so big you couldn’t avoid them (looking over at the stuck/rock in the circle)

I laugh.

OK so this GIANT STUCK is a gift to me and my dream from momentum.

I pick up the rock and just hold it in my lap.

Rock: I want you to see where you hold yourself back from what you want. Not that you HAVE TO do/want/be anything you don’t want to be, just to be aware.  If you’re holding back because you don’t really want this anymore then just be honest and make a new plan.  If you’re holding back because you’re afraid then let’s transform your fear.  If you’re holding back because something needs to be adjusted then let’s adjust.  Let’s just not ignore this uncomfortable feeling.

The cave is lighter now.  The heart is shining brighter. Everyone here is on my side and I can suddenly feel that support.

Inside the heart I see a reflection of myself in this sad pattern of reaching out and not being able to have what I want.

I have so much love for that part of me.

But, why is she here?  Isn’t she my past?

Heart: No sweetie, she’s right here.  You are activating those patterns in how you are approaching momentum. This happens when you are unsure of yourself – you slip into familiar patterns.  The problem is you become unsure when you’re stepping into something new. 

So the challenge here is to learn how to step into something new without activating my patterns around being unsure.

Heart: Or change the pattern.

Oh, that feels much easier.

Eagle: Love and gratitude. That is the key to shifting the pattern.

Oh of course.  Allow expansion.  Don’t grasp at it.

I call in that part of me who was stuck in that sad pattern of reaching out and not being able to have what she wanted.

The eagle wraps a blanket around her shoulders.

Sitting in the circle with the heart-light shining on her, she is transformed.

I can feel the energy around her shifting, instead of being so focused on reaching out, she is becoming more grounded and present with herself.

OK so what does this mean?

Well, that old fear/way of being has been creeping in as I’ve been holding this intention for expansion all year.

I mean that makes sense.  I want to be open and allowing of expansion and growth.  But “wanting more” or “dreaming bigger” or any of those problematic kinds of ideas can trigger that pattern of striving, of not being here/happy now.

Also – moving towards a dream means cleaning up anything inside of you that is not in alignment with that dream.

So here I am. Right on track. Encountering my un-helpful patterns so I can change them.

Ha! The stuck is a gift from expansion. I see it now.

So what do I do with this?

Bring love and gratitude into the process.

Oh wow everything feels different now.

PS: Resistance Rx is happening next week!


Resistance and Creativity. Two mighty forces that constantly dance and bob and weave around each other as we expand our way into greater creative aliveness and wholeness.

And learning to successfully navigate the challenging and often rocky waters of resistance is essential in making our creative dreams come true.

So my Super Badass Creative Magic compadre Chris Zydel and I have cooked up a day long online playdate we’re calling Resistance RX: Magic Mojo For Mucho Creative Momentum.

On Tuesday, August 23rd you can join us and a wondrous international creative community for an experiential journey into the heart of your resistance where you will gain many cool tools and skills for transforming resistance into gorgeous creative magic.

Find out more and to reserve your spot


The Mastermind Groups Did Not Work The Way I’d hoped. Have you ever had that happen?


In June/July I ran my first mastermind groups in the Creative Dream Circle.

I have run many small coaching groups, I have been a part of many mastermind groups – none of this is new to me.  I used everything I know to carefully set the groups for success.

But even so – it didn’t go as I had hoped.

The main that that went differently than planned is that a lot of people who signed up did not participate.

Now – everyone I heard from who did not participate had a totally valid reason for not participating.

And few people I heard from were even having such a beautiful experience with the mastermind that they stopped participating in the group because they had already received what they needed – they were so inspired and lit up and so busy making progress on their dreams they didn’t have time to report in.

BUT – the groups were limited in size (there were 7 small mastermind groups in total) to make it easy for everyone to connect with each other.

So when a bunch of people in one group did not participate, it left the some of the others in the group feeling that lack of support from their group.

I take this stuff personally!

I mean this is my HEART WORK.  It matters to me, and small things going wrong upsets me in the moment.  I mean I WANT to be upset about stuff like this because I want to do work that matters to my heart.

So I spent a lot of time with that – first working through my own feelings about things not going the way I had hoped in some of the groups, so that my feelings didn’t end up tangling everything else up (which they do, if you don’t un-tangle them first).

Then I asked for honest feedback from all participants.

The feedback was much more positive than negative and the participants did have great ideas for how to make the groups even better.  I explored it with them and I journaled and meditated on my own.

This is how it works: you try something, then you gather feedback and you use that feedback to make the thing better next time.

Hardly anything works just right the first time out of the gate.

Everything I have in my life and my work that is going really well is the result of trying stuff and learning from it then refining my plans and making many adjustments, over and over, over time.

You can’t just give up!

A lot of people, myself included, had beautiful, transformative healing experiences in the Mastermind.

There is BIG DEEP MAGIC that comes in making this kind of commitment to yourself, to your dreams and to being a part of a mastermind group.

Even though it didn’t go exactly as I’d hoped, I knew I didn’t want to give up on this idea.

I knew I wanted to learn from this experience and use it to make the next round of masterminds better.

What I discovered in this case is that doing the Masterminds in a larger group would work better.

I can’t control what happens in people’s lives, I can’t control who will and will not participate.  By having one large group then even if people drop off there are still other people left to connect with.

And – remember that it’s all an experiment!

I was pretty clear about that when we did the first group.  This is a new thing we’re doing in the Circle and it may take some refining to get it working just right.

It’s not a thing I can just create and put out there.  A mastermind is a GROUP and so the participants create the group through their participation in it.

We have to work together to build these if we want them to truly serve everyone involved.

The Creative Dream Circle is a living community – this is how we grow and evolve and it’s messy sometimes.

So our next round of masterminds will NOT be in small groups.

They’ll still happen inside the private and supportive space of the Creative Dream Circle website, and they’ll be open to all circle members to participate in.


Starting September 1: Creative Dream Love Letters Month-Long Mastermind

It’s 30 days of daily journal prompts for connecting with your dream (you’ll get these in a workbook format on Aug 31) – you can take 2 minutes a day or 2 hours a day to play with the prompts.

Then connect with the group!

Share snippets from your journaling, read each other’s posts and plug into the magic that is there when like-minded people come together to support each other with their dreams.

The Creative Dream Love Letters prompts will help you connect to your dream in new ways and learn new things about yourself, your dream and how to make your dream real.

They may inspire you to create new plans, take more action or dive deeper into exploring the inner workings of your dream – everyone will be on their own unique journey, but we’ll journey together for the whole month of September.

We’ll also do month-long masterminds in October and November, they’ll work the same way but with different themes.

October: Creative Momentum. Taking daily steps with your dream (you decide how big or small the steps are).

November: Transformation Station. Working more in-depth with the un-sticking station to heal and transform inner critics, fears and doubts.

All groups will happen inside the Creative Dream Circle. Click here to find out more and reserve your spot today.

I’m so excited about this!

I’m so excited about what happens when you are willing to sit with your hurt feelings over something not going as you’d hoped.

There is richness there – so much to learn about how to set things up differently next time.

So, if your dreams are not going the way you’d hoped I hope you take some comfort in this.

A conversation with resistance

A conversation with resistance

I’ve been sitting here this morning, trying to open up my daytimer and start my Monday Morning Creative Genius Planning Session.

But I can’t do it.

This morning my resistance is like giant pile of bricks sitting on my daytimer keeping me from getting to work.

But the only way out is through.

And by through I mean actually meeting with your resistance.

So let’s do this.

Hello resistance.

(Resistance’s words are in italics)

OK listen, feeling resistance to getting to work today is sooooo legit!

It’s hot and humid. It’s summer. You spent the day playing yesterday and you should spend the day playing today too.

Never mind that it’s a motherfracking holiday in Canada!

Never mind trying to work with me and make me be reasonable!

I want to work with you and make YOU be reasonable.

(resistance is pouting with it’s hands on it’s hips, clearly exasperated with me)

OK I hear you resistance!

Those are all valid reasons to resist getting to work today. And you don’t have to validate your reasons anyway, you are inherently valid.

I’m not trying to change you. I am trying to understand you and try to figure out how we can both get what we want.

I suspect that somewhere in there you want me to do my work, is that true?

Do you want the gifts and benefits of me getting my work done? I mean not just the money but the joy of being in the flow of inspiration and the magic of doing fulfilling work and all of that? Do you want that?

Well yes I want that in your life. But not this morning.

What do you want this morning?

To go home and clean up the house.

Hmmm, really? I’m resisting one kind of work to do another kind?

Well your new projects are out all over the place.

Well they’re all over the place in my workspace – that’s what it’s for. But yes I know how you can feel un-settled when everything isn’t near and orderly.

Actually – that’s why I want to do the creative genius planning session this morning, to make my work week neat and orderly!

To call in the qualities I need and prioritize what I need to focus on to move myself and my dreams in the direction I want to be going in.

OK yeah I know but I’m scared.

*We just sit quietly with the fear*

I’m scared I can’t hold this, I’m going to mess it up. I am doing so well, what if i can’t keep going in this direction?

What if I try my hardest, and still fail?

Yeah I hear you that’s a real bitch of a fear.  But I’m not letting it stop me from having want I want.

And I won’t let it stop me from thinking and dreaming bigger and brighter.

I mean from a purely practical perspective, we’re in too deep for that anyway.

Yeah, we are.

So where are we now? Will you let me get to work?

It’s just that there’s so much there. So many details to consider and to-dos to list and it’s exhausting to even think about it. Can’t we do this on a day that is not so humid?

I really think the humidity is an excuse.

I mean it’s not humid inside here. Is just knowing that it’s crazy humid outside this door REALLY enough to derail my dreams?

No, I guess not.

I love you, resistance.

I love your bullshit stories and weird excuses.

I love how you want to keep me safe.

But I believe that being fully myself is the safest way of living. And that letting my dreams get as big as they can is how I live fully as my self.

And that I’m here to do the work.

I know it’s terrifying and all but I really believe that I am here to do the work of living as my real self. I am here to create/build my life.

Yeah I hear you.

We sit quietly.

OK then get to work…

(And then I did.)


Resistance and Creativity. Two mighty forces that constantly dance and bob and weave around each other as we expand our way into greater creative aliveness and wholeness.

And learning to successfully navigate the challenging and often rocky waters of resistance is essential in making our creative dreams come true.

So my Super Badass Creative Magic compadre Chris Zydel and I have cooked up a day long online playdate we’re calling Resistance RX: Magic Mojo For Mucho Creative Momentum.

On Tuesday, August 23rd you can join us and a wondrous international creative community for an experiential journey into the heart of your resistance where you will gain many cool tools and skills for transforming resistance into gorgeous creative magic.

Click here for more info and to reserve your spot

Sending lots of love to you and resistance this morning.

How I Make My Coloring Books

How I Make My Coloring Books

Every time I Instagram photos while I’m working on my guided journal + colouring books I am asked these questions so I am answering them here.

If you feel inspired to make your own books I want to encourage you to try!

I am by no means an expert at this (as you read you’ll see that I have learned everything through trial and error) and can’t help you with detailed technical advice, but I can tell you what I do and make some suggestions for things to try.  So here goes:

Do you need a tablet?

No! You can also do the drawings on paper and scan them.  This works best with black ink on white paper.  You’ll need to make sure you can do super clean scans that are the right size and resolution for printing – probably 8.5 x 11″ or letter size paper at 300DPI.  If you don’t have a scanner you can do this at most print shops.

And you may need to experiment with different pens and kinds of paper to find one that scans in the way you like.

It can take a LOT of experimenting to figure out how to draw things in a way that will look right after you have scanned it, turned into into a colouring book and then print it.

Luckily scanning black and white drawings is much simpler than scanning full colour artwork so with some experimentation you should be able to find a way that works for you.

Or you can use a tablet.

I do use an iPad pro and Apple Pencil to do the drawings.  I love it and it’s more than worth every penny to me.  

I’ve tried some of the other “high end” styluses and I found they were all absolute crap compared to the Apple Pencil but yes – you can ONLY use the Apple Pencil with the iPad PRO (not the other iPads).

And it might be worth it to you to go with something cheaper – if you don’t know what you want then go to stores and try different kinds of tablets!

The Apps

There are a lot of drawing apps out there!

And there is NO “one best app”!

The best app for you is the one that works best for you, that fits with the way you work and allows you to export you work in the way you need to be able to put your books together (more on that lower down on this page).

So you’ve got to try some to get a feel for what you like.

If you start with some free apps then you’ll get a feel for what kinds of features you need for the way that you want to draw.  That will help you decide which paid apps to try.

The free one I like best is Adobe Draw.

Now, I mostly use Procreate.  When I first started it felt confusing and like it had too many features.  It still has way more features than I use, but now that I am familiar with it I just love how it feels to draw on it.

I had a LOT of questions as I was learning how to use these apps.  Luckily I was always able to find the answer by googling my questions.  Most apps have customer support forums so you can read through and find your question already answered there.

Even if you are an expert at drawing, if you’re new to drawing on a tablet then there is a learning curve you’re going to have to work through before you’ll be an expert at drawing on a tablet.

Also, you have to think about how you are creating your colouring book and what type of image files you will need.  Vector? PDF? JPG?  You do need to use a drawing app that will let you export in the format you want to work with later.

And have to be able to export your drawing in the right size.  300 dpi is best for printing.  So if you’re making full 8.5X11 pages then you need to be able to export the file at that size, at 300 dpi resolution (not all apps will be able to do this!).

If your drawings are small, and you export them to your computer and stretch them out to fit the page – they’re not going to print as nicely as if you’d exported the right-size drawings.

Again – that can take some experimentation.

I did spend quite a bit of time wanting to pull my hair out while experimenting, exploring and trying to bring this all together in a way that works for me

Now that I have a system I like the whole process is a breeze.

Putting It All Together Into The Final Coloring Book

Well I only do this on a Mac, so my advice here is pretty limited.

You need an app that will take the image files (either scanned drawings or your digital drawings) and compile them into a multi-page book/document.

Depending on what you’re doing you may also need an image processing app.

How you do this will probably depend on your skill and comfort with computers.

You may want to add page numbers, or a copyright sign or your name or the title of the book or I don’t know what else to each page, so you’ll need an app that lets you do that.

And your app will have to allow you to export your final document in a printable format.  PDF is the best one to use because it’s so universal.

So I export my drawings from my iPad to my computer (I use Air Drop for this – super simple + fast) as full-size JPGs and then put each drawing in as 1 page in the document as I compile it.

Once I have the document with all the pages I want in it, I export the whole thing as a PDF.  This is the file I give to people as the colouring book that they can print out.

I have used a lot of different, complicated and expensive desktop publishing apps for this, like Adobe InDesign.  But in the end I mostly use Pages and Preview, apps that comes with Mac computers.  They’re simple and quick and since I export the drawings as full size, complete pages there is little for me to do on the computer anyway, other than compile a bunch of drawings into one document.

As I have become familiar with the process (I have made a LOT of different guided journals/colouring books) I’ve streamlined my way of doing it so now it’s quite simple and fast, but it took me a long time to put a book together when I first started making them.

Do you do it differently?

Again – I am by no means an expert!  I am just sharing what I do in hopes that it helps you find your best way.

If you have a different way of doing it do leave a comment below so other people can read about it!

How To Hold Onto The Light When The World is Engulfed With Shadow

How To Hold Onto The Light When The World is Engulfed With Shadow

I’ve had this heavy feeling in my heart lately.

Maybe you have too?

I’m doing my self-care and daily practices but the joy, calm, centering and delight I usually get out of that work remains just out of reach.

There is so much wrong in the world.  There is so little I can do about any of it.

I just want to cry.

I share a lot of the conversations I have with my fears/doubts/inner critics and how it’s possible to work through that stuff by sitting with it and working with it.

But this heavy feeling is shadow.  And it’s hard to face a shadow head on – it’s all shadowy.

And without being able to see it clearly your chances for transforming it are very low.

(When I talk about transformation I mean right-alignment.  Bringing yourself and your life into alignment with your inner self, your authentic/creative/divine self.)

It’s also like I was talking about on Friday, how bad vibes are draining.  So if you’re in the heaviness you become more likely to just try to ignore it or put up with it or accept it as what’s normal or just go take a nap or whatever.

But this is not who we are.

We can’t just accept this as normal.

The racism, the violence, the injustice, the systemic oppression, the massive egos.

This is a world that is in alignment with fear.

And I believe the astrologers who say that right now we’re facing our collective shadow in order to clear, heal and transform it.  I believe this is the only way through, that this is how we get to right-alignment.

But it’s such a big job.  I know it’s easy for me to feel hopeless about it and just get stuck in all this shadow.

Weighed down, heavy.

But this morning feel a little bit lighter about it all.  I am thanking my past-self who planned the Love Your Life journal class for this week (it’s happening tomorrow!).

Because this week is the perfect week for it.

So how do you transform a shadow?  By turning on the light.

When the heavy is too heavy to meet with then you don’t meet with heavy.

You meet with it’s opposite.

You meet with joy and delight.

You fill your energy body so full up with the joy and delight that you feel like you might burst.

And then you study yourself, full of joy and delight.

And this gives you clues about what to do about that shadow.

It shows you how to walk into your best life.

(And that is exactly what we’ll be doing in the Love Your Life journal class tomorrow – July 26).

This is the work of transforming shadow.

It’s not easy to actually fill yourself up with the qualities of joy and delight.

It’s not easy to strengthen your boundaries enough to be able to hold the qualities of joy and delight long enough to get the teachings and possibilities that they have for you.

It’s not easy to change.

But we just don’t have another option.

The times when it’s the hardest to do this work are exactly the times when it’s most important that we do it.

I’m not saying you HAVE TO sign up for my class.  The Love Your Life Journal Class is one way of doing this work.  There are many others.

Find your way and do it.

The world needs all hands on deck on right now.

Holding the light when there is shadow is one of the ways that we transform the world.  When you’re holding the light you’re putting yourself into a different state of being.  This opens you up to new ideas, solutions, possibilities and ways of being.

It aligns you with your magic and power.

You start to see things you can do to help transform your life and the lives of the people around you.

Little things – but baby steps add up and taking steps feels a gazillion times better than staying stuck.

But I do hope you will do this work with me.

Because it can be hard to really truly HOLD qualities joy and delight, I prefer to do this work in a group.  The group creates a supportive container that makes it easier for everyone.

The Love Your Life Journal Class is a deeply transformative healing circle, a creative play date and a life-awesomization strategy session all rolled into one.

And it’s happening tomorrow (July 26).


It’s a 90 minute audio class – you can call in on your phone (you get worldwide local numbers so it’s not a long distance call) or you can listen in online or you can work with the recording.

And you get a journal to play with both during the class and after.  Plus a private forum to keep exploring with the group.

And then we’ll do it all again two more times this fall, in The Magic Journal Class and the Superpower Journal Class.

You can read more about the journal classes here.

The Creative Journal Classes will only be available inside the Creative Dream Circle

The Creative Dream Circle is a private members-only website full of life-altering e-courses and dream-growing tools – you’ll get all the inspiration you can stand.

I won’t be offering these classes outside of the Circle because offering everything in one place makes it simpler for me to put classes on – which means I can offer more classes for less money. (yay!)

You can join the Circle and just do these three classes and still get much more than your money’s worth. Or you can start with these three classes and then see what else you want to explore…

Click here to find out more about the Creative Dream Circle.

We’re stronger together.

We can do this.

Loving your life is ENERGIZING. Putting up with shit you don’t want is DRAINING.


It’s like a frog in a pot of water that’s starting to boil – at first we don’t really notice it.

My boss is mean to me.  This relationship is stressing me out.  Money is stressing me out. I need to eat better I’m tired of feeling tired. I work too much. I’m not making time for the things I really want to be doing. I spend too much time on Facebook. I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m not making enough art.

But then it becomes a constant buzz.  And it’s draining your energy – energy you could be using to make your dreams real!

Of course we all have shitty things in our lives that we can’t just get rid of.

I’m not saying we should ONLY ALWAYS have awesome stuff going on or else something is wrong.

Life sucks sometimes, that’s inevitable.

But too often we decide that the shitty stuff we’ve got going on is inevitable when it’s really not.

I men what if you could get rid of just 20% of your current shitty stuff? How would that change things?  Or what about 50%?  Do you think you can baby-step your way to 90%?

It’s hard to think about that because immediately your brain jumps to things like “But I don’t know HOW to change it! It’s impossible!” and you feel all hopeless and uncomfortable and want to stop thinking about it.

The thing is – when you don’t take the time to look more closely at this stuff then you leave yourself with no choice but to just put up with all 100% of the shitty stuff.

And that’s just not fair.

Usually, the hardest part is being brave enough to look at the stuff you’d rather ignore.

Which is actually a pretty hard thing to do.  

That’s why I teach classes!

You can set aside 90 minutes for a class.

You can follow along as I lead you through a playful creative process and before you know it you’ll be mining your inner landscape for treasure.

You’ll start to see where you can make small do-able changes right now.

And you’ll start to feel energized right away because possibility is energizing.

You can do this.


Love Your Life Journal Class is happening on July 26 (that’s next Tuesday)

If you can’t be there live yes it will be recorded.  Plus if you sign up for this one you’ll also get the other 2 journal classes I’m doing this fall: The Superpower Journal and The Magic Journal.

Click here to find out more.

Your future self will thank you!

How awesome would it be if your dream came with instructions?

What if you could gracefully navigate the path to your dream using your intuition and inner gifts, instead of working your ass off, copying what you see other people doing or taking big (scary!) risks?

The Creative Dream Circle will help you make it happen with life-altering e-courses, dream-growing tools and a heart-enhancing online community of creative kindred spirits – plus regular coaching calls and all the inspiration you can stand.

Carrie Anspach, DirtyGirlPottery.wordpress.com

Carrie Anspach, DirtyGirlPottery.wordpress.com

I’ve actually accomplished and received more clarity in the 4 weeks I’ve been in the Creative Dream Circle than I have in the past 4 years going it alone.

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We're all cheering for you.