Hi, I'm Andrea Schroeder.

I'm the creator + founder of the Creative Dream Incubator. My whole thing is about supporting you in being the bravest and most creative version of yourself, living your bravest and most creative life.

I teach life-changing journaling + meditation classes for creative people who are ready for a BREAKTHROUGH.

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Hey! You landed on the page for the "30 day Creative Journal Challenge" which happened in 2015. You can still get that content below, but now in 2024 I have a MUCH BETTER challenge for you...

The 10 day Creative Dream Journal Challenge comes with a 36 page guided journal, to help you get MOBILIZED with your dreams.

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Here it is, the 30 day Journal Challenge from 2015:

30 day journal challenge

My 30 day Journal Challenge:

This happened in 2013.

I challenged myself to Journal every day for the next 30 days (that part is not a challenge!) and to share the stories of what's happening in my journals here, every day (ahhh... challenge).

That video from Day 1. I recorded a video every day for 30 days to share the stories, insights + magic that came from my 30 day journal challenge.

Get the rest of the 30 day journal challenge right here:

30 Day Journal Challenge

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