You are the Source of Time

I started today with a meditation so intense I had to lie down and rest for 20 minutes after.

I have been reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks which is amazing.? It’s about the Upper Limit Problem, how we all have an upper limit to what we think is possible for us, and when we try to go beyond it, we sabotage ourselves.

I’m at the end of it, where he talks about how you have to transform your relationship with time in order to live a life of infinite possibilities.? This is not news to me.

Changing your relationship with time is a really basic aspect of Creative Dreaming.

If you don’t make time to do the things that light you up, if you don’t make time for your calling – well you’ll just continue to live a life that is not true to who you are.? And meanwhile you are making time for all this bullshit stuff that you say you don’t care about.? “I don’t have time” makes no sense at all.

“I don’t have time” is actually just code for “I’m not ready”.? When you’re ready you make time.? But what Gay Hendricks talks about in The Big Leap goes beyond that.

He says: You Are The Source Of Time.

When I meditate on not being the source of time it feels cold, isolating, dis-empowering and like there is no way out.

But at first, when I meditated on being the source of time it just didn’t make any sense.

But that cold isolating powerless feeling is the opposite of how I want to feel about my life and my place in the universe.? And I know that beliefs foster feelings which foster actions.? And I know that it doesn’t matter if the beliefs are “true” or not, I have the power to choose beliefs that support me in feeling how I want to feel and living how I want to live – you can be happy or right and I choose happy.

So I knew I wanted to adopt the belief that I am the source of time, I just couldn’t see how I could believe it.

So I meditated on space.? Time and space are related.? Could I be the source of space?? And suddenly I grew as large as the universe and contained the entire, expanding universe within me.? Yes, I can be the source of space.

But time still felt outside of me.

And I thought about love and creativity because I know, like KNOW, that the source of love and creativity are inside of me.

And whooooooosh the time piece fell into place.

Time appears different because we have all agreed on a way to measure it.? We don’t agree on a way to measure love or creativity, but other than that they are very similar to time.

And actually since we agree on how to measure time we tend to confuse our measuring system with the actual thing.

Time is not hours or seconds or years.? That is like saying your body is a measuring tape or a scale because that’s how you measure it.

No, time is very different from that.

And the source of time is inside me.

And the source of time is inside you.

This is something for me to keep exploring.

Obviously I had a beautiful epiphany in my meditation this morning and now it’s time to ground myself in this belief.

It’s fascinating to discover that my view of time as being outside of me was cold, isolating and dis-empowering because as I shift into this new belief of time being inside of me it’s like my whole life moves into a new world of brightness and possibility. Exciting.

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Free Creative Visualization Meditation

Free Creative Visualization Meditation

Creative visualization meditation alone is NOT going to make your dream real.

The truth is that trying to "think positive" and visualize your dream come true when you have parts of you who believe that your dream is impossible, or who doubt your gifts + abilities, or who are afraid of either fear or success, only makes things very, very uncomfortable.? The more you fight to think positive, the more these parts of you will fight to think negative.

You can't simply bulldoze over your fears with positive thinking to get to where you want to be.

But Creative Visualization Meditation is still super helpful.

It gives you clues about what you need to do next on the path to making your dream real.

What creative visualization meditation does is put you into alignment with your dream.? This is good, you HAVE TO be in energetic alignment with your dream if you're ever going to actually make it real.? So using creative visualization meditation to help get you there is helpful.

But often what happens is that trying to shift into alignment with your dream only makes you very, very aware of where you are actually NOT in alignment with it.

It points the way to what needs to be healed and transformed before you can have what you want.

So pay attention to what thoughts and feelings come up in response to creative visualization and make note of them, this is what you need to clean up before you can take your next step towards your dream.

Try this free creative visualization meditation:

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